We have a weekly trash pick up. On the morning scheduled, I had gathered all the trash and carried it out to be picked up as I usually do. One particular
morning, my wife asked me why I had taken the trash out so early as it was just a little after six a.m. and the pick up wasn't until around two p.m. in the
afternoon. " In case he comes early," I answered!

For some reason this reminded me of our Lord's Second Coming. It seems the Second Coming of our Lord is of no real concern to the world in general. They live their lives as though this world will stand forever. Very little preparation is being done for it. And many of those claiming to be Christians leave much to be desired.

The Apostle Peter warned in the last days (the Christian dispensation) there would be those who would mock and make fun of the promise that Christ would return. Believing such an idea to be ridiculous, they are quick to point out the fact that he hadn't returned as undeniable proof of their claims. But in II Pet. 3:9, he said, " the Lord is not slack concerning his promises, as some count slackness but is longsuffering to you-ward, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." There seems to be a flaw inherent in man which is, if things don't occur when he thinks they should, then there must be a problem. Some actually believe the Lord has delayed his coming which, to them, indicates he may have encountered an unforeseen situation and had to change his plans; which is another way of saying, the Lord is not omnipotent, as he claims. I can assure you such is not the case. I believe there is no situation God has not foreseen. He knows all about us and nothing escapes his eyes (Heb.4:13, Prov.15:3). Even the hairs on our heads are numbered, Matt.10:30. (Job said God counted his steps, Job 31:4).

This tells me even the smallest and seemingly unimportant detail is known to him. I also believe he knew all of this, and its outcome eons and eons before he started the creation process. And we may have assured confidence that everything is right on schedule and will occur as God foresaw it, including Christ's second coming. God has not delayed anything. What seems to a delay is God's divine plan to give mankind ample time to repent of his evil ways and become obedient to his will. Even during Noah's days, God, after saying he would destroy the earth and all of its inhabitants, still gave them another one hundred and twenty years to repent! This was not a delay, but a divine plan mercifully and purposely employed to save man from eternal damnation. Why would it be strange to believe this is what is happening now?

To that end, Peter told his readers they were to be earnestly desiring the coming of the day of the Lord'. II Pet.3:12-14. In the 13th verse, he said this was a promise of Christ, in the 14th, he said, because we are looking for these things, "give diligence that ye may be found in peace, without spot and blameless in his sight." This coming year we need to focus on trying to be of more service to our fellow man, more dedicated to God, and his work; make more time for prayer, study and teaching others about Christ as the opportunity arises. And at the end of this year, hopefully we will be able to look back with godly pride and say, yes, I have grown in the Lord.

Keep in mind most of us will live our lives assuming the Lord will not come in our lifetime, and that we will die leaving this old world with all of its troubles to someone else. However, we need always conduct our lives in such a way we will be found faithful and productive in him, you know…. In case he comes

By J.D.Williams

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