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Lasting Relationships
As we go through life, we find that some relationships last and some fail. One of the most important factors in keeping a relationship going is having something in common. There are many types of relationships that we go through during life.
There is the family relationship. This relationship stands as a foundation for all other relationships. The entire structure of most nations is based upon the family unit. The cohesiveness of the unit during adversity and the support from other members of the family makes this a strong relationship. Sadly in our society, some do not revere or respect the family relationship. Thus they become loners and often times they do not fit into society. As a result they become outcasts or criminals. So much is learned by the members of the family which should prepare them for life apart from the family, or until they begin their own families.
We also have a relationship when we are in business. Employers and employees need to agree upon standards or guidelines and keep themselves accountable for their actions. Those who apply themselves with the common goal of the business become good employees. These are the type of people an employer wants to work with and help. Those who are in business only for the money are not valuable to the business, and will not survive long. So, once again, we see a common factor is necessary to keep a good relationship.
In our communities, we find that we still have relationships, but these are weaker than all other relationships. While we are in a local area, the goals of each are general at the most. Sure we would appreciate if all in the community would look out for their neighbors. It is helpful if you get everyone to share the common goals of the community. You want the neighborhood to look nice, so some work to keep it clean. You want a safe neighborhood, so you work alongside the police and authorities to see that things are safe. You work together for the common good of all in that community.
Spiritually, we have a few relationships we must consider. Foremost is our relationship to God. We must recognize that this relationship is maintained and kept intact not by compromising, but by agreeing to a set of standards given by God. God does not change and God does not compromise. God does not make a deal with anyone other than on His terms. This relationship is based upon submission to God, but is also supported by a trust in God. It is because God has made promises that we learn to trust Him. God has a very good record of keeping His promises, and such promises are recorded in the pages of the Bible.
We also have a relationship with others who share our common faith. Our agreement to work together is based upon criteria of obedience and subjection to the will of God. Those who do not choose to obey God cannot and will not be involved in this fellowship. This relationship is established upon each members involvement with their relationship with God. If anyone walks disorderly, or teaches error, they cannot be a part of God's relationship. 2 John 9-11 tells us this, and warns us to cease any relationship that is not approved by God. We must be careful to build and keep a relationship with God, but we must be diligent to avoid a relationship with the world.
By Carey Scott

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