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(Gen 3:14-19, 23, 24a) consequences of disobedience towards God faced by the Adam, Eve & even the serpent are revealed in detail in these passages

I. Consequences

A. Defined ; the relation of a result or effect to its cause,,, wbe dic .pg 449

B. Consequences referred to as “hardest form of learning.”

C. Not given a second thought prior determining to err.

D. Selfishness blinds the “thought process” notice Eve, V.6

E. It would be wise to think of the consequences before we act,

II. CANNOT be chosen

A. Are not an option.

B. God did NOT ask Adam, Eve or the serpent which consequences they prefer.

C. Neither does God ask US ,God's word gives a good idea of what consequences to expect.

D. Grave, severe, and hard consequences faced by others are revealed for our

learning and instructions 1 Cor. 10:11


A. Till this day we are still living the consequences of Adam sin.

B. The bitterness consequences bring last a lifetime.

C. David lived with the consequence of the loss of a child 2 Sam. 12:23

D. Teenage mothers live with the consequence of having to raise a child for the rest of their lives,

IV. BURDEN Others.

A. It would be good that only the guilty of wrong-doing(sin) should face consequences alone but such is not the case at times.

B. David servants worried about telling David the child had died. 2 Sam 12:18 they were burdened at the thought that David would harm himself of the news while at the same time the child was burdened by the loss of life.

C. Teenage mothers burdened their parents by having to support them or even just by baby sitting while they work to support their child.


A. Simply put disobedience towards GOD will surely bring Consequences.

B. Gods' Word plainly warns us of the severity of the consequences

C. 1 John 3:4 defines sin as a transgression(disobedience) of the law

D. Rom 6:23 pronounces the consequence(wage) of sin (death)

E. 2 Ths. 1:9 Declares the "gravest of all consequences" for disobedience towards GOD & that would be FOR NOT HAVING OBEYED THE GOSPEL

By David Acosta

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