Deuteronomy 6:10-12

Jews were about to be led into the promised land.
The commandments of the Lord had just been re-emphasized by Moses as being instrumental in their receiving the inheritance.
is described to them as being wonderful.
Called the land "flowing with milk and honey." in 12 different verses.
FIG. Emblems of sweetness and fruitfulness ALSO LITERAL:
Full of pasture land for flocks & flowers from which bees made honey.

Gifts of the land included:
Cities which they had not built
Houses full of things they had not put there
Wells they had not dug
Vineyards & olive trees they had not planted.
Their Security and Prosperity depended on complying with God's law.
God has promised to bless when they obeyed & curse when disobeyed.
Everything depended on their hearing God's law and obeying it.
Now comes the warning: "BEWARE lest thou forget the Lord..." vs 12.

Danger Always Comes
With complacency & a feeling of security.
The Israelites are a perfect example.
Had been poor wanderers.
AFTER settled in land grew & prospered.
Relatively, had nothing to do but obey God.
They began thinking the Source of their strength came from selves.
EX. trust in the MT.of Samaria rather than Jehovah. Amos 6:1-6.
Consider the implication of being "at ease in Zion"
Became indifferent to dangers. Made religion convenient for selves and ignored the "evil day"
Evil day: apparently day of downfall; day punishment God give them

Danger Always Comes
Another Ex. is the New Testament Church.
Church began enthusiastically & because of dedication, Growth was fast & great Acts 2:41 ; 4:4 ; 5:14 ; 6:7
By time letters were written to 7 churches of Asia, Rev. 2-3 (60 yrs.later) complacency had set in like rigormortis sets in a dead man.
Note the "dead" church at Sardis...Rev. 3:1-3
The lukewarm Laodiceans nauseated the Lord Rev. 3:14-16.
Not even that long - few years, church in Galatia turned Gal. 1:6-9

Danger Always Come
It happens today.
When churches are starting and relatively small, seems to be more unity as each member recognizes his/her responsibilities,
Seems as we grow we have a tendency to forget the Lord who helped us this far.
We get complacent and lazy & expect someone else to do our work for us.
Preacher do all personal work; others serve in leadership OR look for some easy way to short-cut responsibility
EX> Gimmicks and tricks to win converts
Must never forsake things Lord requires: they are only real power.
Real power of gospel can't be found in promotions, programs, campaigns & all other man-made gimmicks used to win and hold members.
We Today need to beware lest we forget the Lord.

Idols will replace the love of God when we forget.
Notice the pattern set by the Jews Jer.2:26-28.
This is apostasy into idolatry.
The ancients worshiped Bacchus, the god of intoxicating drink.
Many worship him now -- they have forgotten God.
(EPH. 5:18) - "Be not drunk w/ wine wherein is excess; but be filled w/ the Spirit"
The ancients worshipped Venus -- the goddess of lasciviousness.
Many worship at that shrine today -- they have forgotten God. I Cor. 6:15-18.
Plutus was the god of plenty & money. Many times, When men forget God they find their way into the temple of Plutus.
Money becomes their God. (Matt. 6:24) - "Cannot serve God and money"

Idols will replace the love of God when we forget.
Years ago men take pieces of wood & carve into gods they wanted.
They literally fashioned themselves a god to suit their own fancy....Isa.44:9-17
Today, men, in minds, shape & fashion God into god they prefer.
They mentally chisel & carve away the Judgment, wrath & severity of God making Him a god of tolerance only.
Make him to overlook sin, overlook false doctrine.
Mold & shape Him into a god that accepts things once rejected
Thus, they have in their minds fashioned themselves a god & are no less guilty of idolatry than the pagans of long ago.

Memorials have been given by God to help His people avoid forgetting Him
God gave the Jews various feasts to keep. Lev. 23:37-44.
He gave them the stones of Jordan Josh. 4:2-7 - (Dry bed)
To Christians He has given the Lord's supper. I Cor. 11:23-26
All these memorials are to keep us with our mind on God.
Thus we are have "mind" of Christ in us in all we do (Phil.2:5).
Must remember purpose of memorial lest we keep it improperly
Memorials have been given by God to help His people avoid forgetting Him

Illustration: We can keep the form of the Lord's Supper & condemn ourselves by not discerning the Lord's body. I Cor. 11:27-30.
We are to examine our own hearts. Isa. 1:13-15
God hated the outward rituals of the Israelites. Mal. 1:6-14.
Christ showed His dislike for vain worship...Matt. 15:3-9.
God hates when our worship becomes no more than ceremony, ritual, outward show, & a boring routine - = - a hypocritical service!
Be careful to Never forget God in the memorials He has given.

The way back to remembrance is through repentance
"take the more earnest heed" -- lest we let the knowledge & love we have of God slip from us.
Do not forget God in your obedience to the gospel.

By Carey Scott

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