2. The answers to the young son's problems, as far as he was concerned, were money and freedom.

3. Actually, the boy had already left home in his heart and mind.

4. What have you done with the inheritance that the Father has given you?

5. A man that lives, breathes, and survives solely by the power of God will never be able to win a war, nay, not even a battle against God!

6. Our "Pig Pen" is our attitude of mind.

7. The only good thing about a pig pen, as far as man is concerned, is that it will keep your sinuses open.

8. He thought of his father's house. This is the thought we all must have continually.

9. When he left home, it seems that he arrogantly demanded "give me" v. 12.

A. But when he humbly returns to his father he says "make me" v. 19.

10. The father "ran and fell upon his neck and kissed him" v. 20; Jas. 1:5.

11. What a wonderful, joyous celebration. vss. 22-24.

12. Anger and resentment was found in the older son's heart. vss. 25-32.

13. Even open contempt for his elderly father.

14. There is no greater, stinking pig pen than that of self-righteousness.

15. The father knew what his younger son had done and what he had become, he did not have to be told.

A. The younger son also recognized what he had done and what he had become.

1) He humbly admitted it in the best way he knew how.

16. Everyone needs to be in the house of his Father.

A. No one has the right to try to deny one his place there regardless of one's previous life.

17. Don't you need to "come to yourself" arise and return to your Father's house?

18. Just how long are you willing to stay in the stinking pig pen of sin?

19. Yes, God is truly calling the prodigal son. Won't you come without delay?

By Jim Sasser

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