Col. 3:1-4.


1. In almost every activity of life, if we set ourselves for such activity, we will be able to do a better job.

2. People use the phrase "All Set" in many different ways in life.

A. We hear the question asked: "Are you all set?"

B. We hear the exclamation: "I'm all set!"

3. Seemingly, from the way the two words are used together, it would indicate that everything is in readiness for whatever is to transpire.

4. In this way, it suggests a preparedness or readiness on the part of those engaged in the activities at hand.

5. Let us now note some of the definitions gaven by Webster:

A. Webster gives the definition of the word "All" as:

a. The whole of; -- referring to amount, quantity, extent, duration, quality, or degree.

B. The whole number or sum of. A synonym is "whole" meaning "wholly, completely, exclusively, and solely."

C. He gives the definition of the word "Set" as:

a. To fix in a situation or direction.

b. To direct with fixed attention and preoccupation.

c. To adjust in conformity with some standard.

d. To put in order or readiness for immediate use.

6. Both "All" and "Set" are used many times in scripture and in song.

A. "All Things Are Ready", "All To Jesus I Surrender" , "The Hope Set Before You".


A. His King in Zion: -- Psa. 2:6; Eph. 1:20-23.

B. His heart on man: -- Job 7:17; Psa. 8:4.

C. People at variance: -- Matt. 10:34-36; Jno. 17:20,21; 1 Cor. 1:10.

D. At liberty: -- Lk. 4:18; Jno. 8:36, 32; Gal. 5:1.

E. His people on a rock: -- Psa. 40:2; 27:5.

F. His sheep at His right hand: -- Matt. 25:33; Jude 24; Rev. 3:21.

G. His worthy servants over many things: -- Matt. 25:21.


A. An open door: -- Rev. 3:8; I Cor. 16:8,9; 2 Cor. 2:12; Col. 4:2,3.

B. Good and Evil: -- Deut. 30:15.

C. Hope: -- Heb. 6:18,19.

D. Blessings and Cursings: -- Deut. 11:26-28.

E. The race: -- Heb. 12:1,2.

F. Life and Death: -- Deut. 30:19,20.

G. God's commandments: -- Jer. 9:13,14.


A. Not ourselves against the Lord: -- Acts 4:26; 5:38,39.

B. Our hearts to know: -- Eccl. 7:25; Dan. 10:11,12.

C. The Lord before us: -- Psa. 16:8.

D. A watch over our mouth: -- Psa. 141:3; Jas. 1:26.

E. Ourselves in a good way: -- Psa. 36:4.

F. Our affections above: -- Col. 3:2.

G. Ourselves to defend the gospel: -- Phil. 1:16; Heb. 10:35,38,39.

H. Ourselves to minister: -- 1 Cor. 16:15.

I. Our houses in order: -- Isa. 38:1; Heb. 9:27; 1 Cor. 11:34; Titus 1:5.

J. Ourselves as a light: -- Matt. 5:14-16.

K. Ourselves to seek the Lord: -- Matt. 6:33; 1 Chron. 22:19.

L. To obey: -- Heb. 5:8,9; 1 Pet. 1:22.

M. Not our heart on riches: -- Psa. 62:10; 1 Tim. 6:17; Lk. 12:15.


1. We must remember that "Man of himself cannot set his soul aright, so it is back to the Bible for it all."

2. Today is the set day of salvation, obey today.

By Jim Sasser

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