"The Wrong Vessels To Travel Over Water"

Note: This was prepared as an addendum to the Sermon by Jim Sasser titled: "The Christians Fleet".

1.The Barge----This is the one who is always pushed or pulled to do something or to carry a load. Yet they have no ability or willingness to motivate themselves.

2. The Destroyer---This navy vessel is appropriately labeled. Some brethren will cause great harm towards others. Some (as the Ephesian elders) would cause many to lose their souls. Paul mentioned people by name as being the cause of shipwrecked faiths (1 Tim 1:19).

3. The Showboat---These are nothing but show. The passage to use would be Matt 6:1-6. How many church members show up late so that they can be seen by others? How many show off and brag to receive praises?

4. The Submarine---These work by stealth to cause harm to their brethren. Galatians 5 mentions these in the works of the flesh. To cause harm to your brothers reputation and to sow discord among brethren in a non-visable way.

5. The PT boat ---Unlike the submarine, these people do their harm out in the open. They focus with a vision and seek to do harm to others.

6. The Cargo ship---Carries a lot of baggage wherever they go.

7. A Skip {actually it is Skiff}--a tiny vessel to move people or supplies from one boat to another boat or the shore. Many people skip from one church to another with a lot of ease. Many people skip church from time to time, and they skip out on their duty.

8. A rowboat--- Though one DOES have to work to get any where (which could also be viewed positively), the person who works is always going backwards and having to look backwards to see where they are going. "Remember Lot's wife" ring a bell? We should be pressing forward fixing our gaze upon Jesus. (Heb 12:1-2)

9. A Flat boat---You ever try to ride in one of those things? Enough said.

10: A BattleSHIP---Some who go around and cause disturbances among the brethren. Some who are always looking to start a fight or to enter a fight. Rather than practice love joy and peace, these sow discord.

11: A Sailboat--these are the unstable souls caught by every wind of doctrine Eph 4:14.

12. A Cruiser---the easy going individual that is never impacted by the plight of others. Can see needs around everywhere, and can just cruise on by. Can easily cruise out of responsibilities.

13. A canoe---very unstable and you sure do not want to lose your instrument of guidance. People think they can get through life without the great instrument of instruction, the Bible. Sooner or later they discover that they are up the creek without their paddle.

14. A pontoon boat---these people float around and never seek any stability. They float from church to church and never accept responsibility. They are easy going and never get in a hurry or show any sense of urgency at all.

15. The pleasure craft---Enough said in the scriptures about pleasure to know we do not need to be on this boat. But sadly, many stay there and make it their...

16. Houseboat---living in a certain lifestyle. When the waves get rough, they just pull up anchor and take off to other climates or surroundings.

17. Fishing boats---This could be a positive thing if we are fishing for men's souls. But many just fish for compliments, fish for social pleasure, fish for worldly desires, fish for attention, fish for power. Unfortunately, they use the faithful as bait for their deceptive practice, for after all, isn't that what fishing is all about?

18. The tugboat---These people are always pushy or they are pulling people in ways that they should not go. On the water, tugboats maintain safety in navigation of rough waters, and getting into ports, berths, stalls, docks, and narrow waterways. Sometimes tugboats are good, but their strength lies in being able to push larger objects into positions that they cannot (or will not) do themselves.

19. A fireboat---It would be good to put out fires (as the peacemakers of the beattitudes), but many of this character start and spread fires. They throw the fuel upon the fires to enhance its destructive power.

20. A carrier---Of course we would be consider blessed if we carried the news of good tidings. But many carriers just carry problems to and fro.

Last minute additions--you make up the lines or add to them.

21. A tanker---just plain full of fuel or fumes.

22. A surfboard---taking your life in your feet and balance.

23. A schooner ---oversized sailboat.

24. A kayak---rolls and rolls and rider is always wet.

25. A racing boat---gotta go---gotta go---gotta go---

26. A raft---picture of despair.

27. A ferry---back and forth and never getting anywhere.

28. A glass-bottom boat.

29. A Cruise SHIP (the love boat? open fornication?)

30. A space ship----waaaaaay out there.

[Note: looking for more vessels to add to the list, please e-mail me if you can think of any.]

By Carey Scott

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