The Tree of Life - Gen 2:9; Rev 2:7


  1. Eden was beautiful -- Sweet unbroken fellowship - Gen 2:8,15,22.
  2. Pair could choose right in preference to wrong - Gen 2:16-17; 3:2-3.
  3. The other Tree is of profound significance: Discussed in the two “book ends” of the Bible (Genesis and Revelation); It is one of the most fascinating subjects in all the inspired Word; The first mention - Gen 2:9.

a.It seems THIS TREE was related to their fellowship with God.

b.So it was not just for endurance of life, but for quality of life -- In full completeness of their God-given powers - cf Gen 1:28.

1.SO The first two had paradise, AND lost it - gen 3:1-6.

A.Despite God’s clear warning, they rebelled against God’s Word and ate of the tree, and “sin entered” - Rom 5:12.

  1. Did not bring the happiness Satan had promised - Gen 3:16-19.
  2. They were the first people to learn sad song that “Sin takes you further than you want to go … Keeps you longer than you want to stay … And costs you more than you want to pay.”

B.Note the guardians of the Tree of Life - Gen 3:22-24.

  1. FLAMING SWORD: Justice; Sense of guilt - Psa 38:4; Eph 2:12.
  2. CHERUBIMS: Figurative symbols of forgiving mercy to come?

2.heaven will restore paradise - rev 2:7; Heb 11:16.

A.Then there will be the recovery of the Tree of Life - Rev 22:1-2.

  1. That which barred the way to the Tree for sinners will be withdrawn, as the saved will have right to the Tree - Rev 2:7; 22:14.
  2. Nutrients for happy vigorous service by Christ’s servants, and they will be nurtured and preserved forever - Rev 22:3; 1Jn 2:25.

B.Actually, Heaven more than restores Eden -- It surpasses Eden:

  1. That was a Garden; This is a City - Heb 11:10; 2Co 5:1.
  2. Eden was magnificent; But Heaven is sublime - 1Pe 1:4-5.
  3. Sin invaded Eden; But not Heaven - Rev 21:27; Nothing will ever disturb the peace and security of eternity - Rev 21:18-25.

C.FRUITS / LEAVES (Rev 22:2) - Suggests total provision eternally.

D.To all this we can have a triumphal entry - Rev 22:14.

  1. Through the new and living way - Heb 10:19-23.
  2. Our knowledge is small, but whatever furthers our good will be there: Perhaps it will be “Changeless Progress” - Rev 7:15-17.

3.between losing and restoration -- A parenthesis.

A.We lost right to the Tree; But more to the story - 2Pe 3:9; 1Ti 2:4.

  1. Provided by His own sacrifice - Rom 5:6-8; Rev 7:14.
  2. Salvation offered freely to a lost world - Tit 2:11; Col 3:4.
  3. But this is only in Christ - Eph 1:7; Ac 4:12; Gal 3:27.
  4. Now have Divine approval / fellowship - Rom 3:26; 1Jn 1:3; 3:1.

B.To believers, Christ is now all - Phi 1:21; Gal 2:20.

  1. This world cannot be the essence of true life - 1Ti 6:7; Phi 1:23.
  2. LOVING SAVIOR is our Tree of Life - 1Jn 5:11-12.
  3. Grow / Develop / Be Consecrated - Heb 12:1-2; 1Co 6:19-20.

C.There must be warfare and struggle before Heaven - 1Ti 6:12.

D.The Tree is not mentioned again in Bible history; But In PROVERBS there are four poetic expressions that are symbolic of present truth:

  1. 3:13-18, Can be ours only in Christ - 1Co 1:30; Col 2:3.
  2. 11:30, This life is refreshing to all who encounter it - Eph 5:9.
  3. 13:12, Fulfilled hope can be a source of renewed vigorous life.
  4. 15:4, Be careful of what we say to others - Col 4:6.

NOTE: we can pray that God will help us to be like life-giving trees through growing in true wisdom, living righteously, offering hope to the lost in our midst, and using our God-given abilities of communication to bring blessings to those with whom we speak.


  1. Is there imperfection in the world? YES, SIN did it! - Rom 8:22-23.
  2. For the persistently impenitent: There is no hope - 2Th 1:7-9.
  3. But the penitent can be forgiven, if they trust Him - Jn 6:68; Ac 22:16.




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