Dumb Dogs
Don’t be one.

When the subject of man's best friend comes up, you either hear praise for the dog or stories of how dumb the dog is.
The expression "you dumb dog" has become part of our culture, and it is applied to a person that does not behave as a proper person should.
A dog that barks at nothing is a dumb dog.
A dog that does not bark when there are intruders is a dumb dog.
A dog that acts like a cat (yeah, dogs learn by example too) is a dumb dog.
Dogs are sometimes the focus of jokes.
“My dog is so dumb………”
Why are we talking about dumb dogs?
While there are good and bad things we can say about dogs, we can still learn some lessons from them.
God used this phrase describing the watchmen He had set forth to protect Israel.
This is one of those negative things we learn from “dumb dogs”.

Isaiah 56:10-11
"His watchmen are blind, all of them know nothing, all of them are dumb dogs unable to bark, dreamers, lying down, who love to slumber; And the dogs are greedy, they are not satisfied. And they are shepherds who have no understanding; They have all turned to their own way. Each one to his unjust gain, to the last one."

The context suggest that these watchmen are blind by choice.
The Bible speaks of those who choose blindness.
They choose NOT to see the truth of God's word.
They choose NOT to do God's will.
Some people cannot help being blind.
But to choose blindness is very dumb.

These choose to know nothing.
We as Christians are commanded to grow in grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18).
Acquiring knowledge of God makes us more informed on how to please Him.
These people choose to remain ignorant of God's saving message, but they still want to enjoy the benefits.
Knowledge of God is the greatest acquisition man has ever acquired, and many choose to stay ignorant.
They will be punished (Hosea 4:6).

Unable to bark:
This means that when they should be barking, they are not.
As Christians we are to be set for the defense of the gospel.
We should be able to warn people that their souls are in danger.
But these mentioned here are so dumb, that they have no idea that a warning needs to be sounded.
Error may be right under their noses, but they do not know any better, or that what is being done is condemned by God.
This is a result of the blindness and ignorance they have.

These people have grand ideas, and really think that God needs to get with the program.
They think they can save the world, yet they do not even look or try to save themselves.
They imagine that there are other ways in which God will accept them and others.
These people will try any method and any means to acquire knowledge, but the one method they will not use is study the Bible.
Now that is dumb.

Lying down:
Awake from your sleep.
Folks, it is crunch time and we better be getting our battle gear on (Ephesians 6:10).
We are running out of time, so we need to prepare.
We need the preparation so that we can enter battle with the forces of evil.
These people are so secure in themselves, that they do not feel the need to do any preparation at all.
Satan is prowling about, but they just lay there, usually sleeping.
Now, how dumb is that?

Love to slumber:
Consider the ant, thou sluggard...
These people think that work will harm them in some way, yet science has proven that inactivity will kill faster than some diseases.
We are not talking about a Saturday afternoon nap out in the hammock.
We are talking about those who choose to not do anything for themselves or their souls.
That is also dumb.

Greed is associated with idolatry.
Greed drives most of the world economy these days.
Many are not satisfied to just do their job and enjoy life.
They want more, and they want it now.
They gamble with the hope of hitting the big one.
They bet on just about anything imaginable.
They jump onto get rich quick schemes, even knowing that it is probably a scam.
Greed has to be at or near the top of any list of sins by rank or danger.
A Christian learns to be content in all his/her situations.
Greed destroys contentment.
Greed is dumb.

Not Satisfied:
Just like the grave, there is never enough.
Most people who gamble and hit the big one, will usually turn around and spend it all trying to get a bigger one.
It is the excitement that you can profit that turns people on.
It is no different than not doing your job, but expecting to be paid for your time.
Theft is wrong in any form.
The scriptures mention the wicked who are never satisfied; in fact, it speaks of those who weary themselves doing what they should, but always find the strength to practice their wickedness.
And who do we know who is never satisfied about anything?
Our boss?
Our spouse?
Don't we consider that to be dumb?

Shepherds With No Understanding:
We are talking about the type of understanding that should get them to start serving God properly.
Wisdom and understanding are crucial elements in our learning about God, but these people choose the wrong understanding.
As shepherds they should have been feeding the sheep (people) the instructions from God.
The scripture tells us to trust in the Lord and lean not on thine own understanding(Proverbs 3:5).

Turned their own way:
Of course, this speaks to everyone who chooses a way other than the Lord's way.
Jesus said He was the way (John 14:6), but people make their own way.
By doing so, they make their own rules, their own laws, and do nothing more than ease their own conscience.
That has to be the dumbest things of all.

The sad thing is that we all know people who fit these descriptions, and there seems to be more of them around us all the time.
Take warning, and avoid the dumb dogs.
Take this warning and examine yourself to make sure you do not display to others that you are a dumb dog.
It is your choice.

By Carey Scott

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