Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination?

I saw an article by Jody Apple with this title, and I thought it had some excellent points and would make a good sermon. As I expanded upon it, I found that several lessons were necessary to cover this subject. I borrowed from other authors as well.

Lesson One - The usage and meaning of the concept as found in the New Testament.

Lesson Two - The nature of the church as seen from Ephesians.

Lesson Three - The designation of the church and its members.

Lesson Four - Understanding Bible Authority

Lesson Five - The Work Of The Church

Lessons Six - The Doctrine Of The Church

Lesson Seven - The Government Of The Church

Lesson Eight - When, Where, and Who Founded The Church

Lesson Nine - A Brief Look At Non-Denominational Groups, Campbellites, And Becoming A Member Of God's One True Church

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