Commitment to God

I. Introduction

A. Today we see an interesting phenomenon in the world

1. "Easter"

2. somehow, everyone becomes religious!

3. people who never go to church suddenly go

4. television stations air Christian-themed shows

B. What about the other 50 weeks of the year?

C. these people give but lip service to our Lord

1. I knew of a Catholic who got so drunk on a Thursday evening that he twisted his ankle going from one bar to another, and on Friday, while hopping to lunch, he would not eat meat, only fish, due to Lent

D. One must wonder- what do they really believe?

E. Do they think that God is pleased with their semi-annual observance?

F. God is not pleased

1. Hosea 4:12-13; Hosea 6:6

2. the Jews did the same thing- observed the Feast of Atonement to atone for their sins, and then returned to their idolatrous worship

3. God was most certainly not pleased!

G. What, then, pleases God?

1. Commitment to Him!

2. Psalm 37:5

II. Committing to God

A. The word

1. commitment in the Hebrew of Psalm 37:5 means literally, "to roll."

a. explanation: in those times, camels would lay down until a burden was given unto them, and then they would roll up to carry it

b. similar to the Christian and the cross of Christ (Matthew 16:24)

2. English word commit

a. from two Latin words, "cum" and "mittere," literally, "to send with"

b. if you are sent with something, you are entrusted with it: it is your responsibility

c. if you are one who claims Christ, you are entrusted with the responsibility of glorifying His name through His Gospel (Matthew 5:14-15, Romans 1:16)

B. God and commitment

1. God has made many commitments that He has followed through

2. Flood/Rainbow: Genesis 9:12-16

a. Are we still here?

b. Has a flood destroyed the world since?

3. Abraham's seed: Genesis 12:1-3

a. Are we not the seed of Abraham, the children of the promise through Christ (Galatians 3:16)?

4. Christ

a. was He not prophesied of through the prophets?

b. Did He not fulfill the prophecies made (John 19:30)?

5. Has not God been faithful about cleansing us of our sins?

a. 1 John 1:9

C. If God has made commitments to us, and has been faithful in completing them, is it not a small thing to commit to Him and be faithful?

D. Matthew 6:33

1. We must seek the Kingdom above all things

2. Context: worrying about daily problems

3. Christ says that if we put Him and His Father first, these things will be added to us

4. Can we trust God as our forefathers did?

E. There is no need for commitment if there is nothing to commit to

F. Thus, what are we committing to when we commit to God?

1. placing Him first

a. seen in Matthew 6:33

2. Matthew 10:16-39

a. harder part of commitment

b. we are to forsake all for Christ

c. part of putting Him first: we prize Him and His sacrifice over our closest relatives

3. 2 Corinthians 5:10

a. we must make every thought, hence, every move and action, obedient to Christ

b. this is the commitment we must make

III. The Consequences of Commitment

A. When one has committed him or herself fully to God, this will be evident by their deeds (Matthew 7:16-19, James 3:11-12)

B. Demonstrations of commitment

1. Assembling- do you assemble as often as possible with the saints (Hebrews 10:25)?

2. Study- are you diligently examining the Bible and your lifestyle, to see if you truly are acceptable to Him (2 Corinthians 13:5, 2 Timothy 2:15)?

3. Love- does the love of Christ shine through you? Do you love your fellow brother? People of the world? (1 Corinthians 13:1-8, 1 John 2:9-11)

4. A few examples; there could be many more that you can think of

5. In the end, the committed Christian will always look to do what is right and what ought to be done, and will do so cheerfully.

IV. Conclusion

A. How is your commitment level tonight?

B. Are you like the multitudes that are churchgoers on Christmas and Easter?

C. Are you a Sunday morning only or a Sunday only Christian?

D. Or are you committed to God-- committed to living a life pleasing to Him, committed to the path of Heaven- as you ought to be?

E. If we can help you become committed to God, for the first time or to renew your commitment, let us now as we stand and sing

by Ethan R. Longhenry

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