Types of Followers


1. Numbers 32:9-14 Joshua and Caleb "wholly followed."

2. Josh. 14:8 "I wholly followed the Lord my God" (Caleb)

3. Mat. 10:37-39 "..he that doth not take up his cross and follow me is not worth of me."

4. Mat. 16:24-27 "...come after me...deny himself...follow me."

5. Types of followers.

I. "At Once" (Followers)

A. Mt. 4:18-20 "at once they left their nets and followed."

B. Even when it involves our means of livlihood or way of life.

II. "Wherever You Go" (Followers)

A. Mt. 8:19 "I will follow wherever you go."

B. Even when we don't understand where or why.

III. "Left All" (Followers)

A. Mt. 19:27 "...we have left all."

B. Willing to leave all that the Lord demands.

IV. Partial (Followers)

A. Mt. 19:16-22 rich young ruler

B. Will follow up to a point.

V. Hungry (Followers)

A. Jn. 6:26 they sought Him because He fed them.

B. Looking for satisfaction of physical and social needs

VI. "But First" (Followers)

A. Lk. 9:59-62

B. As long as following doesn't conflict with something else.

VII. "Afar Off" (Followers)

A. Mt. 26:58

B. Lack of commitment, fear?


1. Which of these would describe you as a follower of Christ?

2. Can we say like Caleb, "I wholly follow the Lord my God?"

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