What Is Gossip?

A) It is not talking about another who is not present (I Cor. 1:11; 5:1 & II Thess. 3:11)

B) It is not "telling a pack of lies" about someone. Gossip can be rumors or truthful at times.

C) Bible: "Whisperings" - II Cor. 12:20 "Backbitings" - II Cor. 12:20 * We are to not speak evil of a brother - James 4:11

D) It may involve:

1. Breaking confidence - Prov. 11:3

2. Speaking rumors as fact

3. Telling the truth or a lie with the intention something other than good of the one spoken about.

II) Gossip Is Sin! (Lev. 19:16 & Rom. 1:29,30)

* It is a three-fold poison - The teller, listener and subject

* Proverbs 26:17-28

* The listener should frown on it and turn away - Prov. 4:24

III) Why Do You Gossip?

1. Idleness - I Tim. 5:13

2. Absence of love - I Cor. 13; Prov. 24:17,18

3. Pride - Desire to elevate self through degrading others

4. To separate friends - Prov. 16:28; 17:9

5. To receive glory to self for being first to inform others about something

6. Carnality (not being spiritually minded) I Cor. I Cor. 3:3

7. Lack of wisdom - inability to talk about anything higher.


* Remember the golden rule. Would you want this said about you?

* Remember your attitudes, motives are so critical in determining whether it is gossip.

* Ask yourself:

--If doubt anywhere...don't say it!

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