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2 Cor 5:9-11

1. Nothing is more sure than human accountability before God. (verse 10).
"Each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what
he has done, whether good or bad." That ought to weigh heavily in our hearts
and minds. Does it?
2. Appearing before Christ's judgment seat evokes thoughts of how terrible it is to come up short. Equal to the thought of being judged is Paul's acknowledgment of the terror of the Lord.
3. Based on his knowledge Paul says, “we persuade man.”

Definition of persuade (Greek--Peitho).
Vines. "Signifies to apply persuasion, to prevail upon or win over, bringing about a change of mind by the influence of reason or moral considerations"

A. Persuasion is not force. It rests on reason, and means, "to convince by argument."
B. Jesus: Matt 21:25ff reasoning with Pharisees.
C. Paul: Acts 19:8,9

Only persuaded men change and God only persuades by the gospel (I Cor 1:18-21). Not by the direct operation of the HS, experiences, feelings, etc.

Why Paul persuaded men.
a. To be well-pleasing to God, v.9
b. To prepare self and others for judgment, v.10; I Tim 4:16
c. Out of fear of the Lord, v.11
d. The love of Christ, v.14

A. Their sins Jn 16:8.
1. As David (Thou art the man) and the ones on Pentecost (Acts 2:36-37), we need to be convicted we are sinners!
2. A sense of sin in essential to repentance. A person must see, “I am a sinner - - hopelessly lost.” Unless that happens, there is no conversion.

B. Their Savior
1. The remedy for sin, Mt 1:21
2. Thus, Ax 28:23. The persuaded believed (v.24). (KJV has “believed” instead of “persuaded”). Ax 5:42.

C. The Love of Christ. 2 Cor 5:14-15. Must see Christ loved us so that He died. Must realize what God paid to redeem us.

D. Their Accountability to God.
1. V.10. We must all appear before the judgment seat.
2. Rom 14:10-12. Ax 17:30-31. Implies the consequences of sin.

A. With the Word of God.
1. The rich man. Lk 16:27-31
2. Rom 1:16. ?2 Cor 5:19 (Word of reconciliation) V.20 Persuade1

3. Men come to Christ only as they hear and learn the word of God. Jn 6:45.
4. NOT persuaded with gimmicks - - fun, food, and frolic--appeal to the carnal.

B. With a sense of urgency. Jn 9:4. We will all be called home one day. Heb 9:27. “It is appointed for men to die once, then comes the judgment.”

C. With a spirit of boldness. Ax. 4:29; Eph 6:19-20. NOT apologetic for the truth. It says what it means. Sin is sin, and we must change.

D. With love and genuine concern (Eph 4:15). Patience. ?2 Tim 2:24-26.
“Friendship” evangelism works - - they need to know you have a love for them.

A. Faithful men 2 Tm 2:2
1. Only persuaded people can persuade others. We must be convinced!
2. Men, like Paul, who fear the Lord and want to please Him.
3. Those who are persuaded about the judgment and its consequences. We must be zealous and believe if we expect others to listen.

B. Those concerned for the lost. Rom 9:1-2; 10:1; Ax 8:1,4

A. Now! 2 Cor 6:2
l. As we have opportunity Gal 6:10. Lit. "while we can".
2. Most intend, plan, and prepare while opportunities pass and sinners die.
NOW is the time to be involved in the great work of persuading men!


1. What did Paul persuade men to do? Believe, repent, and be baptized
for remission of sins (Gal 3:26 27; Rom. 6:3 4; Acts 2:38).
2. What did Paul persuade men to be? Christians only (Acts 26:28).
3. I plead with you now, in view of all the good things God promises,
and also the terror of the Lord, make your life right with Him now.
4. Don’t be “Almost Persuaded.”

By Robert Raif

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