Don’t Blame Me; It’s Not My Fault
This is one of the most prolific excuses offered for any mis-deed or sin.
This all started back in the garden of Eden.
The first man, Adam, pretty much said so when being interviewed by God after he ate the forbidden fruit.
His response was: The woman YOU gave me caused me to sin; "It's not my fault".
So from the beginning, this has become a standard phrase and practice.
Let's face it, there is probably not a man or woman alive today who has not uttered these words at least once in their lives, and for many people, these words are uttered over and over.

The reason is because people would rather say this than to acknowledge sin, iniquity, and short-comings in their life.
It is so hard for many to say that “I was wrong”. “I did that which I was not supposed to do”, or “I did not do what I was supposed to do”.
We just have to be careful that we are not guilty of the same sin.
Imagine a person in court telling the judge that the bullets that came out of the gun they were holding was not their fault.
“The gun failed to mis-fire, so it is not my fault the other person was killed or injured”.
Imagine a person telling a judge that the light failed to change for them, and running into another vehicle was not their fault.
If that sounds absurd, I can just about guarantee that these arguments have been offered sometime in the past in a court of law somewhere.

Imagine all the "victims" of society blaming everything on someone else, and they are not responsible for crimes.
Well, we do not have to imagine because we see it every day in our world.
The sad thing is that much of society does not hold people accountable for what they do.
They can always blame someone or something else.
Let's face it, it is not their fault if someone left their keys in the car.
Ever watch that show "Bait Car"?
Just listening to the logic of some of the criminals is hilarious, if not downright sad.
We could mention a lot of politicians who claim that it is not their fault, but turn around and say: “re-elect me and we will fix the problem” when the reality is that they created the problem in the first place.
A big problem in our world is people placing blame on someone or something else, rather than fixing the problems.
Many of us are trying to blame the woes of this country upon the current administration.
They are always claiming that it is not their fault.
The truth is they are usually right in such a statement.

The problems facing this country are no different than any other country on this planet.
The problem is sin.
It began back when Adam tried to claim that it was not his fault that he broke God's divine ordinance.
This is how many people seem to justify their own actions and thus do not feel guilty of sin or breaking the law.
God knew from the beginning that man was going to sin (Romans 3:23).
God made a provision before the foundations of the earth to help man do something to rectify his situation.
God knew that sin would separate a soul from Him (Isaiah 59:2).
God knew that most sinners would try to place the blame on something else or someone else.
That is the reason, that God not only gave us death through the sin of Adam, He gave us the judgment to come (Hebrews 9:27).
The only way to avoid a negative judgment would be to confess the Divine nature of Christ as being the faithful Son of God, and living as God required to the best of one's ability.

The problem is that most people do not want to live such a life.
They would rather fulfil their lusts and passions.
People need to learn to confess their sins instead of trying to shift the blame.
The conflict every person faces comes from within (James 1:14-15).
Galatians 5:16 tells us that our soul and spirit are at constant war.
If we want to have fellowship with God, we are commanded to obey the gospel of Christ (Mark 16:15-16) to enter this fellowship, and we are to confess our sins (1 John 1:9) if we want to maintain this fellowship.

Good fighting evil has always been part of the human story.
It seems that evil is beginning to triumph at the present time, but we must remember that Jesus, the Lamb will have the ultimate victory.
All those on His side, will also experience this ultimate victory.
What everyone needs to do is stop blaming others, and confess their own sins.

By Carey Scott

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