Lk. 19:10.


1. To ask this question may seem unwarranted by some.

A. There are many songs that teach concerning seeking the lost.

1) One is: "Seeking The Lost". Find it in your song book and read it.

2. However, it appears that we have not caught the full meaning of what being lost implies.

3. If we have, surely we wouldn't sit by and not warn them, as many fail to do.

4. On one occasion, I saw a sign on the rear bumper of a car which read, "Don't Follow me, I am lost."

5. I suppose every driver, that has driven any length of time, has experienced the exasperation of being lost physically.

A. I remember deer hunting late one evening and I shot one that ran off into some thick trees. By the time I got down into the trees looking for the deer it had become dark especially in the deep woods. Even though I had a flashlight with me that only confuses the issue as you try to find your way back out of thick woods. Let me tell you that that is a panicky feeling. I finally found my way back out into an open area that I recognized. I learned my lesson well.

6. But how many people, even some that call themselves Christians, are fully aware of what it means to be lost spiritually?

7. When we become fully aware of the condition and destiny of the lost, we will understand the urgency of seeking the lost.

8. Let us now notice the condition and destiny of the lost.

A. This will help us to understand why we need to seek them.


A. Sin is transgression of God's law. 1 Jno. 3:4; 5:;17.

B. It is unrighteousness toward God, self, and others. Lk. 15:21.

C. Sin separates one from God. Isa. 59:1,2; Eph. 2:11,12; 2 Jno.9.

D. Sin causes spiritual death. Ezk. 18:4,20; 1 tim. 5:6; Eph. 2:1; Rom. 6:23.


A. To be without Christ means to be:

1. Without any spiritual blessing. Eph. 1:3.

2. Without salvation. Acts 4:12; 2 Tim. 2:10.

3. Without hope. Eph. 2:12; Col. 1:27.

4. Without light. Jno. 8:12.

5. Without strength. Jno. 15:5.

6. Without the way of salvation. Jno. 14:1-6.

7. Without peace. Eph. 2:14; Rom. 5:1.

B. Obeying the gospel is the only way into Christ. 1. Mk. 16:15,16; Rom. 1:16; 6:1-17; Heb. 5:9; Gal. 3:26,27.


A. If they die outside of Christ, the Bible tells us of their destiny.

1. The lake of fire. Matt. 25:41-46.

B. The Bible describes hell, the destiny of the lost.

1. A lake of fire. Rev. 20:15.

2. A place of everlasting punishment. Matt. 25:46.

3. A place of torment. Lk. 16:23.

4. A place where people pray for help, but receive none. Lk. 16:24.

5. A place of darkness. Jude 13; Matt. 8:12.

6. A place where people scream for mercy. Lk. 16:24.

7. A place of filthiness. Rev. 22:10,11.

8. A place of weeping. Matt. 8:12.

9. A place of no rest. Rev. 14:11.

10. A place of damnation, world without end. Mk. 3:29.

11. A place of no hope eternally.


A. No, it is not in man that walketh to direct his own footsteps.

1. Because there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Prov. 14:12.

B. Many are being led in the wrong way. Matt. 15:14; 7:21-23.

C. Only the gospel can provide the right direction.

1. Rom. 10:17, it must be taught and heard.


A. Many are in wickedness. 1 Jno. 5:19.

B. Many live like animals. Rom. 8:13; 1:18-32; Gal. 5:19-21.

C. What will be the outcome?

1. "The way of the transgressor is hare." Prov. 13:15.

2. "Their sins will find them out." Num. 32:23.

3. "They will reap what they sow." Gal. 6:7,8.

a. "For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirldwind:..." Hos. 8:7.


1. What we have learned, should cause us to shudder with regard to the lost.

2. Yes, how terrible is the fate of the lost.

3. If this awareness does not motivate us to do something about their condition, what will?

4. God has not left us guessing as to the condition of the lost.

5. Jesus knew this well, that is the reason he "came to seek and to save that which was lost." Lk. 19:10.

6. He didn't want to see a single person go to hell. 2 Pet. 3:9.

7. His concern carried Him to the cross, where will your concern carry you?

8. How about you? Do you care if those around you go head-long into a Devil's hell?

9. Do you care that they are now without Christ and separated from God, having no hope?

10. We need to seek the lost because this is the only way to reach them with the gospel. Don't expect them to seek you.

11. When we teach on a person to person basis it helps us to know the very needs of each individual.

12. They are able to ask immediate questions and receive the answers in a hurry.

13. In person to person contact we are able to show our love and personal feelings for the souls of the lost.

14. Our song should always be: "Lord Lead Me To Some Soul Today."

15. But to truly convert a person to Christ, you yourself must be truly converted. 1 Tim. 4:;;16.

16. Are you a Christian today? If not, you are lost, without God and without hope in the world.

17. Why not allow us to help you in your obedience this very hour?

By Jim Sasser

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