1. The word "vain" means "without value, empty, useless, void, worthless."

2. Such things as: and old rusty can. Last year's calendar, a briefcase for a mother kangaroo, etc.

3. Priceless or valuable things can become vain or worthless, damaged or misused to the point of becoming worthless. Prov. 11:22.


A. Worshipping of Jesus. Mt. 15:8,9; Jno. 4:20-24; Jas. 1:26,27.

B. Jesus, as the Christ --

1. As the Savior. Mt. 1:21.

2. As a Sacrifice. Heb. 10:5-10.

3. As a Peacemaker between God and man. Rom. 5:1; Jno. 8:24.

4. As the Author of eternal salvation. Heb 5:8,9.

a. He is only valuable in all these ways to those that accept Him, and obey His will. To others, He is vain. Gal. 5:4.

C. The blood of Christ --

1. As that which forgives or remits sin. Mt. 26:28; Acts 2:38; Rev. 1:5 Heb. 9:11,12,22; 10:4; 9:23; Acts 22:16.

2. As that which purchased the church. Acts 20:28.

a. But the blood is only valuable to those who apply it to their lives in obedience. To all others it is vain. Heb. 10:26-29.

D. The church of Christ --

1. Was built by Christ. Mt. 16:18.

2. Was purchased by His blood. Acts 20:28.

3. Is made up of the saved. Acts 2:47.

4. Is the pillar and ground of the truth. 1 Tim. 3:15.

5. Is the body of Christ. Eph. 1:22,23

a. But it is only valuable to those who are a part of it and are loyal to Christ within it. Eph. 5:23. All others, those who reject the church, or those who bring reproach upon it, cause it to be vain for them.

E. The Gospel, that which is preached --

1. Is the power of God unto salvation. Rom. 1:16.

2. Is the plan of God for salvation. 1 Cor. 1:18-25.

3. Is that in which we are to stand. 1 Cor. 15:1,2.

4. Is that we are to preach. Mk. 16:15,16.

a. But preaching is valuable only to those who love and obey the truth.

b. Those who reject it, cause it to become vain and worthless to them. Mk. 7:1-13.


1. There are many other valuable thngs that are made to be vain or worthless by abuse and misuse, but these will suffice for this study.

2. Remember!!!!

3. My friend, just how valuable are all these things to you?

4. Are you making these things vain or worthless because of your fail- ure to accept and obey them?

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