Power Point Lessons

These are sermons that I (and others) have preached using Power Point. They are simple to follow, and use. When you click on one of these lessons your computer will ask you to download to your hard drive. Once you do this, you may open it with Open Office or Microsoft Powerpoint. You may edit it to fit your needs. Many cellphones with internet capability can receive these presentations also.

  1. Lessons From 1 Samuel 15
  2. Things That Are An Abomination To God
  3. About This Question (a lesson on authority)
  4. How To Live The Abundant Life
  5. The Accursed Of God
  6. Where Do You Set Your Affections?
  7. The Almost Christian
  8. The Spiritual Anatomy Of A Christian
  9. Dealing With Anger
  10. Making The Application (Part One)
  11. Making The Application (Part Two)
  12. Making The Application (Part Three)
  13. Essential Attitudes For Spiritual Growth
  14. What Is Our Attitude In Hearing And Receiving God's Word?
  15. A Spiritual House
  16. The Assembly
  17. A Study of Authority
  18. What Does The Bible Say About Authority In Religion
  19. What Is Your Standard Of Religious Authority
  20. Acceptable Worship To God
  21. Another Study Of Authority
  22. The Authority For Christianity
  23. All Of God's Word
  24. "With All His Heart"
  25. A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part One)
  26. A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part Two)
  27. A Pattern Of Apostasy (Part Three)
  28. Are We Drifting?
  29. Ask
  30. What Is Your Attitude?
  31. Some Things We Must Be Aware Of
  32. What To Do After Baptism
  33. Lessons Learned From Balaam
  34. The Sins Of Balaam
  35. Learning About Baptism From A Snake (these four go together, it can preach in two lessons)
  36. Learning About Baptism From A Captain
  37. Learning About Baptism From A Blindman
  38. Learn About Baptism from A Snake, A Captain, And A Blind Man
  39. What Baptism Does
  40. You Don't Have To Be Baptized
  41. Basic Rules For Understanding The Bible Properly (2 Lessons)
  42. Bearing Fruit For God Part 1
  43. Bearing Fruit For God Part 2
  44. The Beatitudes Of Revelation
  45. Becoming More Like Jesus
  46. Beginning A New Life
  47. Being More Like Jesus
  48. Do You Believe The Bible?
  49. Believing Lies And Being Lost
  50. The Best Is Yet To Be
  51. Beware Lest You Forget The Lord
  52. Some Benefits Of Being A Christian
  53. Knowing The Bible From Cover To Cover
  54. The Benefits Of A Small Church
  55. Be Ready To Give An Answer
  56. Be Thou An Example
  57. God Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself
  58. Better Things
  59. Beware!!!
  60. Beware Of The Dogs
  61. Reasons To Read and Study The Bible
  62. Bible Authority
  63. Respect Biblical Authority
  64. The Truth Is Like A Big-Mac (Part One)
  65. The Truth Is Like A Big-Mac (Part Two)
  66. The Truth Is Like A Big-Mac (Part Three)
  67. The Truth Is Like A Big-Mac (Part Four)
  68. Blessings Come AFTER Obedience
  69. Blessings In Christ Jesus
  70. "And Books Were Opened"
  71. What Bothers The Preacher
  72. Build It According To The Pattern
  73. Building Up The Local Church
  74. How You Can Help Build Up The Local Church
  75. "Mind Your Own Business" (Who's Business Is It How I Live?)
  76. Bearing Burdens
  77. The Call To Reach The Lost
  78. Do You Really Care
  79. Challenges We All Face About Our Worship
  80. Challenges We Must Face
  81. The Choices We Make Everyday
  82. Choose Ye This Day
  83. Christian Duty
  84. Why I'm A Christian
  85. Christian Living (a short Bible Study for discussion)
  86. The Christian Movement
  87. Christians Should Be:
  88. The Christian Duty Towards One In Error
  89. The Christian's Fleet
  90. Daily Christianity
  91. What Is Christianity?
  92. Are You Comfortable In Your Christianity?
  93. Competing For Christ
  94. What Makes Christianity Great?
  95. Christ's Relationship To The Church
  96. Criteria To Determine The Right Church
  97. The Nature Of The Church (Part One)
  98. The Nature Of The Church (Part Two)
  99. The Nature Of The Church (Part Three)
  100. What Is The Church Of Christ All About?
  101. Why The Church Of Christ Is Different
  102. Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ
  103. "I Do Not Enjoy Church"
  104. Do You Let Circumstances Control Your Life?
  105. True Comfort ---
  106. False Comfort
  107. Comfort Doctrine--It Does Not Matter What We Believe
  108. Comfort Doctrine--There Is No Hell
  109. Comfort Doctrine--Once Saved, Always Saved
  110. What Is Our Commitment Level To God?
  111. Compassion For The Lost
  112. Compromising God's Word
  113. Keeping A Pure Conscience
  114. Some Things To Consider Now That You Are A Chritian
  115. Consider Your Ways
  116. The New Covenant
  117. Keeping Your Sanity In A Crazy World
  118. How We Are To Be Crucified
  119. God Has A Controversy With The Land (two or three sermons)
  120. Dancing With Wolves
  121. Dancing With Wolves (reformatted and rearranged)
  122. Dangerous Nations Among Us
  123. Day By Day Christianity
  124. A Day Of Good News
  125. Lessons from Daniel One
  126. David: A Man After God's Own Heart
  127. David And Goliath
  128. Declare the Things of God
  129. Deliverance From An Evil Age
  130. Can We Deny Our Lord Today?
  131. Are You Dependable To God?
  132. Learning Dependance On God
  133. Our Common Destiny
  134. Steps To Destruction
  135. What The Devil Doesn't Want You To Know
  136. Why Christians Need To Be Different
  137. Making A Difference/A Lukewarm Christian Does Not
  138. Diligence
  139. Discipleship
  140. Are You Devoted In Your Discipleship?
  141. How To Dis-obey God
  142. Divine Providence
  143. It's Time For A Demonstration
  144. Do Your Own Thing
  145. Do You See The Danger 1
  146. Do You See The Danger 2
  147. Do You See The Danger 3
  148. Does Doctrine Really Matter?
  149. Dealing With Discouragement
  150. Dumb Dogs
  151. Going To The Dogs
  152. The Cure For Doubt
  153. Drawing Closer To God
  154. Eisegesis vs. Exegesis
  155. How The Elderly Can Bear Fruit For God
  156. The Empty Pew
  157. Encouragement
  158. Enemies Of The Cross Of Christ
  159. New Testament Enthusiasm
  160. Some Things We Cannot Escape
  161. What Makes An Evangelistic Congregation?
  162. Do We Really Want To Be An Evangelistic Church?
  163. Examples of Salvation
  164. Not All Examples Are Good To Follow
  165. How Many Excuses Will God Allow?
  166. Striving For Excellence
  167. Some Things That Are Excellent
  168. Ezekiel 34 (the shepherds)
  169. Why Do People Fail God?
  170. Faith
  171. Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part One)
  172. Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part Two)
  173. Faith And Works Are Necessary For Salvation (Part Three)
  174. Faith; The Center Of The Christian Life
  175. Faith Healing
  176. Heros Of Faith: Abraham
  177. Danger, Destruction, Description Of False Teachers
  178. Fellowship With God And His People (Part One)
  179. Fellowship With God And His People (Part Two)
  180. Understanding The Phrase "Fellowship"
  181. Why Few Enter The Narrow Gate
  182. Finding The Right Church
  183. Keeping Our Focus On Jesus
  184. Do Not Forget The Lord
  185. Jesus Said: "Follow Me"
  186. Follow Me
  187. Behold, I Have Played The Fool
  188. Forget To Remember, Remember To Forget
  189. Forgiving Yourself
  190. Four Anchors Of Life
  191. Observe Their Fruits
  192. Full Grown Christians
  193. What Will The Preacher Say At Your Funeral?
  194. A God Centered Life
  195. The Glory Of God
  196. God Is Able
  197. God Is My Shield And Glory
  198. God Is Our Refuge
  199. Why Do We Need God?
  200. Godliness
  201. God's Promises: Precious And Magnificent
  202. What Does God Want?
  203. How Do We Get God's Approval?
  204. The Good Confession
  205. The Goodness And Severity of God
  206. What Good Preaching Is
  207. Why I Want To Go To Heaven
  208. GPS
  209. How Close Is God?
  210. Our Response To God's Grace
  211. Knowing About The Grace Of God
  212. The Part God's Grace Has In Our Salvation
  213. The Gods Men Serve
  214. Going Away From God
  215. Great Things For God
  216. The Evil Of Gossip
  217. The Problem With Grudges
  218. Be On Guard
  219. Hallelujah Living
  220. Physically, Spiritually, How Is Your Health?
  221. God's Rules For Happy Living
  222. The Danger Of A Hard Heart
  223. Have You Counted The Cost
  224. Having Honesty With Knowing Ourselves
  225. Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All
  226. Is Hell Just A Human Tradition?
  227. Questions Answered About Hell
  228. Here Comes The Judge
  229. Hindering The Word Of God
  230. We Want Our Hogs
  231. Homosexuality And Our Current Culture
  232. Hope: A Great Blessing
  233. When Hope Becomes Reality
  234. Horseshoe Religion
  235. How To Stay Saved
  236. Some "I"'s to Avoid
  237. I Am
  238. Ignoring The Warnings
  239. Importance Of The Truth
  240. You And Your Influence
  241. The Inspiration Of The Scriptures
  242. Are You Interested In The Lord's Work?
  243. An Introduction To The Church Of Christ
  244. Isaiah Thirty
  245. Isaiah Twelve
  246. Is There A Burning Hell?
  247. It's Great To Be A Christian - this took two sermons
  248. Jeremiah 9 Lessons
  249. Jeremiah 17:1-11 lessons
  250. Becoming More Like Jesus
  251. Jesus As Seen In The New Testament
  252. What Did Jesus Do?
  253. Who Is Jesus Christ?
  254. Jesus Is:
  255. How Jesus Suffered
  256. Binding The Hands Of Jesus
  257. What Shall I Do With Jesus?
  258. Jesus--Yes, The Church--No
  259. The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah
  260. Jonah's Flight From Duty
  261. Jonah's Unintended Sermon
  262. Jonah Had Problems
  263. Our Journey Together (Introductory Presentation In Newark, Ca)
  264. The Key To A Joyful Productive Life
  265. Is It Always Wrong To Judge?
  266. Justice
  267. Keeping Our Eyes On The Goal
  268. The Kingdom (part one)
  269. The Kingdom (part two)
  270. Knowing The Enemy
  271. I/We Know
  272. Let Your Light Shine
  273. Liars
  274. The Life To Come
  275. BIG Little words
  276. Living The Christian Life Is Possible
  277. God's Design For The Local Church
  278. The Longsuffering Of God
  279. Am I Losing My Relationship With God?
  280. Losing Your Christian Identity
  281. Losing Your Identity
  282. Four Lost Souls
  283. God Is Teaching Us To Love Our Enemies
  284. Lying: Our Biggest Problem
  285. Your Salvation -- Make It As Secure As You Can (Part 1)
  286. Your Salvation -- Make It As Secure As You Can (Part 2)
  287. Your Salvation -- Make It As Secure As You Can (Part 3)
  288. Making A Difference (Lukewarm Christians Do Not)
  289. Making A Difference
  290. Making Faith Your Own
  291. Manasseh - An Example of God's Forgiveness
  292. Matters Of The Heart (a lesson in several parts)
  293. Matters Of The Heart (Psalms)
  294. The "Me First" Mentality
  295. Looking At The Mis-Use Of Scripture (two sermons)
  296. Missing!
  297. The Mission Of The Church
  298. A Model Prayer
  299. Moral Issues Confronting Christians (What Is The Standard Of Morality)
  300. Is Your Name Written In Heaven?
  301. Are You A Navigator?
  302. Necessity Of Obedience
  303. The Sin Of Neglect
  304. No One Cares For My Soul
  305. How Noah's Ark Was Built
  306. Not My Will, But Thine Be Done
  307. A Christians Obligations To Their Local Church
  308. New Testament Church
  309. What Obedience Shows
  310. One More Night With The Frogs
  311. One More Night With The Frogs (different format)
  312. One Thing I Do
  313. The Point When Obedience Becomes Disobedience
  314. Opposed To God And His People
  315. Do We Really Need A Pattern?
  316. The Peace Of God (two lessons)
  317. Dealing With Peer Pressure
  318. Seeking Perfection
  319. 39 Personal Work Motivators
  320. Your Personal Bible
  321. Pilate Asked
  322. Popular Profanity
  323. How Can We Have God's Power Working In Us
  324. Praise The Lord
  325. Pray All The Time (this was a service with songs about prayer).
  326. Making Prayer More Meaningful
  327. Our Blessings Are Precious
  328. Precious Things Of God
  329. Pressing On To Maturity
  330. Does Pride Get In The Way Of Your Service?
  331. The Christian's Priority
  332. What Is Your Priority In Life?
  333. The Greatest Privilege
  334. The Greatest Privileges Are In Christ Jesus (Part One) (Part Two)
  335. Prayer Is A Privilege (long combined version)
  336. Prayer Is A Privilege (Part One) (Part Two) (this is a more expanded version)
  337. Profitable Preaching
  338. Why Do Christians Have Problems?
  339. Requirements Of Proclaiming The Gospel
  340. Prophecy Fulfilled In Jesus
  341. Psalm 10
  342. Psalm 19
  343. Psalm 34
  344. Psalm 37
  345. Psalm 51
  346. A Ready Mind
  347. Reaping What We Sow
  348. Receiving The Bible
  349. Some Things We Will Never Regret
  350. What Does It Mean To Reject Christ?
  351. A Christian Has A Reason To Rejoice
  352. I Hate Religion
  353. A Religion Of Convenience
  354. Man's Responsibility To God
  355. The Power Of His Resurrection
  356. Right Attitude In Receiving God's Word
  357. Right Way To Cover Sin
  358. How To Be Right With God
  359. The River
  360. Running Out Of Time
  361. Salvation Is In Christ
  362. Let's Talk About Satan
  363. Satan Is Busy
  364. Satan's Fleet (wrong vessel to travel on) Followup to "The Christian's Fleet"
  365. Saving The Lost With Jesus
  366. Man Says, God Says
  367. Some Scarry Passages Of Scripture
  368. Scriptural Baptism
  369. Scriptural Social Gospel
  370. Seek The Lord
  371. Self-Examination
  372. Selfishness
  373. The Sermon On The Mount
  374. Are We Really Serving God The Way God Wants To Be Served?
  375. Servitude
  376. Set The LORD In His Rightful Place
  377. What Christians Must Show The World (Part One) (Part Two)
  378. Sin And Punishment
  379. Sin Is Always Wrong (Home Bible Study)
  380. Sin Is Always Wrong (Sermon)
  381. "I Have Sinned" (Part One)
  382. "I Have Sinned" (Part Two)
  383. The Sins That Crucified Our Savior (OpenOfficefile)
  384. The Sins That Crucified Our Savior (powerpoint file).
  385. To Be Sincere
  386. Sobering Certainties
  387. Solomon's Advice - concerns of the church (openOfficefile)
  388. Some Causes Of Religious Error
  389. Some Necessary "C's" for Christians
  390. Some Things God Cannot Do
  391. Some Things You'll Never Do In Heaven
  392. Some Things You Should Know (this should take 4 to 5 sermons)
  393. Those That Win Souls
  394. Sound Doctrine
  395. Sowing And Reaping (OpenOfficefile)
  396. Speaking As The Oracles Of God
  397. Spiritual Aerobics And Exercise
  398. Spiritual Blindness
  399. Spiritual Dropouts
  400. Spiritual Gifts
  401. Spiritual House Building
  402. Do Not Move The Spiritual Landmarks
  403. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
  404. Making Ourselves Strange And Peculiar People
  405. Strange Things In The Bible
  406. The Way To Spiritual Strength
  407. Strengthening The Church
  408. Stumbling And Stumbling Blocks
  409. Suffering For And With Christ
  410. Take Time To Be Holy
  411. Being Taught Of God
  412. "You Need To Be Taught Again"
  413. Teach Me Thy Way
  414. Temptation
  415. Overcoming And Defeating Temptation
  416. The Christian And Temptations
  417. Thanksgiving
  418. The Christian And Temptation
  419. The Christian Walk
  420. The "D's" Of Discipleship - (this should take about four sermons)
  421. The Mind Of Christ
  422. The Power Of The Written Word
  423. Think On These Things
  424. This Has Become Mine
  425. To Kill A Church
  426. To Kill A Church (more detailed)
  427. A Transformed Life
  428. Putting Your Trust In A Pocket With A Hole In It
  429. Finding The Truth
  430. The Truth About Salvation
  431. The Truth That Frees
  432. How Important Is The Truth To You?
  433. Trying To Get By
  434. Turning The World Upside-Down
  435. There Are Two:
  436. When Doing Right Becomes Vanity
  437. The Bible Is Unique
  438. Unity In The Church
  439. The Walk Of Unity (Ephesians 4:1-3)
  440. Using Your Talents (Part 1)
  441. Using Your Talents (Part 2)
  442. Using Your Talents (Part 3)
  443. Using Your Talents (Part 4)
  444. What Is Your Value?
  445. A Veil Lies Upon Their Hearts
  446. The Need For Vision
  447. Wait On The LORD
  448. Walking With God
  449. The Walls Came Tumbling Down
  450. Watch a.k.a Pay Attention
  451. The Way
  452. We Are What We Eat
  453. ByWhat Are We Saved?
  454. What God Does For The Christian
  455. What Happened; Then And Now?
  456. What I Owe The Local Church
  457. What If: Christ Never Came
  458. What Is That In Your Hand
  459. What Is Wrong With Me?
  460. What It Means To Be A Christian
  461. What The Bible Says About The Rapture
  462. When Doing Nothing Is Sin
  463. When Life Turns To Despair
  464. When Trouble Comes
  465. Where Are We Headed?
  466. Who Does Your Religion Please?
  467. Who Is God?
  468. Who Is Jesus?
  469. Who Is The Lord That I Should Obey His Voice?
  470. Why Do I Pray?
  471. Why Do We Assemble With The Saints
  472. Why Be A Christian?
  473. Why Did Uzzah Have To Die?
  474. Why Did Uzzah Have To Die? (reformatted and rearranged)
  475. How To Win The Battle Over Sin
  476. Winterizing Your Soul
  477. Wisdom: The Path To True Success
  478. Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good...
  479. The Woman's Part In The Local Church
  480. The Word Of Christ
  481. The Words Of Agur Proverbs 30
  482. "By Your Words"
  483. "Get To Work"
  484. What Is Worship?
  485. The Right Way To Worship God
  486. Worship Within The Church (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
  487. The Wretched Man Inside Us
  488. Writing Your Own Ending
  489. Yield Not To Temptation
  490. You May Be Surprised
  491. The Fire Of Zeal
  492. The Roller-Coaster We Call ZEAL

  493. Powerpoint Series -- What Is The Church Of Christ? (10 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- Is The Church of Christ A Denomination? (9 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- Building, Nurturing, And Maintaining Good Relationships ( 24 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- Divorce and Remarriage (4 lessons)

    Powepoint Series -- A Godly Family In An Ungodly World (7 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- The Parables Of Jesus +1 (10 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- The Commands Of God In The New Testament (5 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- Growing In The Grace And Knowledge Of God (34 lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- How To Study The Bible (5 Lessons)

    Powerpoint Series -- Spiritual Growth (5 Lessons) by Carey Scott from material by Tom Moore

    Powerpoint Series -- Renewing Our Minds (6 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Tom Roberts)

    Powerpoint Series -- A Study Of Authority (6 lessons by Thomas Thornhill from the "Back To Basics" series)

    Powerpoint Series -- Meeting Sermons (5 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Chip Foster)

    Powerpoint Series -- Give No Place To The Devil (6 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Steve Locklair)

    Powerpoint Series -- Meeting Sermons (8 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Robert Raif)

    Powerpoint Series -- Meeting Sermons (6 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Charlie Gant)

    Powerpoint Series -- Meeting Sermons (6 lessons, Gospel Meeting by Jeremiah Cox)

    Powerpoint -- Various Sermons (by others pulled off the internet.)

**Note** I cannot take credit for all of these sermons/lessons. I got some ideas from others, and I downloaded a few off of other sites and made whatever modifications I felt were needed to be made for my style of preaching.

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