We Will Never Forget


Nearly five months have passed since Sept 11,2001

A. For us living in NM, events seem unconnected to us.

1) Lack of close proximity will weaken the impact of things, more so as time passes.

B. In many speeches, Pres. Bush & his staff have been quick to remind us of the danger terrorists still pose.

1) They remind us of the events of 9-11

2) Several times, they've said "We will never forget.."

3) Yet, so many already have as time and distance separate.

4) Tho folks don't want to forget, they do.

C. "We will never forget" is a great motto for God's people.

1) Much to remember about our God.

2) Forgetting some things can be the difference between eternal life eternal death.

I. Forgetting was major problems with the Jews

A. God brought them out of Egypt in a big way

1) Wasn't long before they began to complain

a. Ex 16:2-4 (read)

2) Not long before they complain again.

a. Num 11:4-6 (read)

B. Tho he couldn't enter, Moses sought to remind them not to forget the Lord after they entered the promised land.

1) Deut. 6:1-12 (read)

C. Didn't do much good. Israel began a long history of forgetting God His word.

1) Psalm 78:1-11, 40-42 Psalm 106:1-5, 13-14

D. On & on it went, even as God delivered them into the hands of their enemies.

1) They were taken into captivity & even after their release, they still forgot God.

2) "From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from My statutes and have not kept them. Return to Me, and I will return to you," Mal 3:7

II. What's that got to do with us?
Christians often have the same problem.

A. We experience the same problems with backsliding as the Jews did it's because of the same reason: We forget!

1) Paul surprised that Galatians so quickly forgot the gospel.

a. Gal 1:6-9 (read)

B. As they added to their faith, Peter urged Christians not to forget where they came from.

1) 2 Ptr 1:5-10 (read)

2) Good advice! That's why Peter said he would always remind them of these things.

a. 2 Ptr 1:12-13 (read)

C. Important for us to do the same thing.

1) Eph 2:11-13 (read)

2) Not for the purpose of dwelling on our sinful past, but to make the gift of salvation sweeter!

III. There ARE some things we should forget.

A. Sins & the old life

1) Rom 6:1-2, Phil 3:13-14 (read)

B. Sounds like contradiction: Remember the past, but forget it

1) We remember the degradation of sin

a. How it grieves God & separates us from Him.

2) We forget our past failures & disappointments.

a. Learn from them but don't wallow in them.

3) Sometimes we beat ourselves up for what's long gone.

a. Heb 10: 14-17 (read)

b. If God forgives & forgets, why shouldn't we?


God remembers when we forget. That ought to make us more diligent in our work.

A. Heb 6:10-12 (read)

Let the words of Pres. Bush be a reminder to us of our spiritual responsibility to God. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

By Zeke Flores

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