A. The goodness of God -- Grace, Tenderness, Compassion, kindness of heart and of act

B. The severity of God -- exacting to the full the provisions of a statute (law or regulation)

C. In this chapter Paul gives a discourse concerning the salvation of the Gentiles through the fall of Israel

D. Not that the Jew was broken off just so the Gentile could be grafted in, but the Jew was cut off because of unbelief

E. If God spared not the natural branches we need to take heed lest he spare not us

F. Let's notice then the GOODNESS and SEVERITY of God



A. In creation Gen.1:26-29

1. Gave them dominion over every other creature vs.26

2. Gave them plenty of food vs.29

3. Gave them work to do to keep them busy Gen.2:15

B. When man fell God announced intention of sending a Saviour Gen.3:15

1. Promise renewed to Abraham Gen.22:17,18

2. Prophesied concerning Christ Isa.53

C. Toward the lost in giving His Son Jhn.3:16; Rom.5:8

1. Gave plan of salvation thru His Son Rom.1:16,17

2. God's grace extended thru His Son has appeared unto all men Tit 2:11

3. God would not have any to be lost 1Tim.2:4

D. The examples of Jesus exemplify the goodness of God 1Tim.3:16

1. God manifest in the flesh

2. Christ is the very person of God Col.1:15

3. Christ went about doing good Acts 10:38

II. THE SEVERITY OF GOD (exacting to the full the provisions of a statute)

A. In the fall of man Gen.3:14-24

1. He pronounced a curse on man

2. Drove him from the garden

B. In the flood Gen.6:8-12

1. Destroyed every living thing

2. Except the righteous

3. How then can people say that God will not punish the wicked in eternity

C. In little things, seemingly insignificant

1. Lot's wife Gen.19:26

2. Moses Num.20:7-12

3. Nadab and Abihu Lev.10:1,2

4. Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-11

5. Herod in accepting glory that belonged to God Acts 12:21-23


A. Goodness Matt.25:34-70

1. Rewarded for service

2. Eternal bliss

B. Severity Matt.25:41-46

1. Unfaithful punished

2. Eternal punishment

C. Each person judged by things written in the books according to their works Rev.20:12


A. The goodness of God leads to repentance Rom.2:4

B. The severity of God should cause us to desire to avoid God's wrath

C. God has been so good to us in providing a plan of salvation how can we escape the severity of God if we fail to obey

D. If the righteous scarcely be saved where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear 1Pet.4:18

By Jerry L. Henderson

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