Eph. 2:1-10.


1. There are many false ideas as to the place and part that GRACE and FAITH play in our salvation from sin.

2. Men make such statements as: "We believe the Scriptures teach that the salvation of sinners is WHOLLY OF GRACE." Standard Manual For Baptist Churches by Edward T. Hiscox, Pg. 61.

A. "Wherefore, that we are justified by FAITH ONLY is a most wholesome doctrine, and very full of comfort." Discipline of The Methodist Church, 1956 Edition, Article 9, para. 69, pg. 71.

3. Such statements show a gross misunderstanding of what grace and faith are and the parts that they play in our salvation.

4. The word grace is defined as the unmerited favor extended by God to man.

5. The word faith, in its comprehensive sense, means that system or plan, given by God, by which man acts to the saving of his soul.

6. In a lesser sense the word faith can simply mean a mental acceptance of something. This is the way that it is used in the quotation given above. Namely, the mental acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior.

7. But, in our study today, we want to look at the words in an all-encompassing sense.

8. The word "Comprehensive" suggests full-involvement of the words under consideration. Titus 2:11-14; Jude 3.

9. Let us now read our text, Eph. 2:1-10, and consider four things of interest therein.

I. PAST POSITION OR CONDITION: Vss. 1-3. Isa. 59:1,2; 1 Tim. 5:6.


III. HOW ACCOMPLISHED?: Vss. 7-10. Titus 2:11-14; Jude 3; Rom. 6:17,18.

IV. WHEN AND WHERE?: Col. 2:11-13; Gal. 3:26,27.


1. So, whenever we thoroughly consider the comprehensiveness of Grace and Faith, we can see clearly the place they have in our our salvation and the part that each plays.

2. Why not take the information that God has given you by grace, and by faith apply it to your life?

3. Yes, we are saved by grace through faith.

By Jim Sasser

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