Mk. 5:1-20.


1. In this reading, we find a story that is almost unbelievable! It is the account of a demoniac being healed by the Lord.

2. He was a living man abiding among the dead, for he had been rejected by the living.

3. He was naked, homeless, wounded, uncontrollable, but Jesus healed him.

4. Now, this is not the "almost unbelievable part" at all.

5. The verse that renders us almost speechless with amazement is the one that reads: "And they began to beseech Him to depart from their borders." Talking about Jesus.

I. THINK OF IT! HEALING! BLESSING! SALVATION! right at their very door, yet hey asked Him to leave their borders.

A. What an amazing story of utter ignorance and foolishness.

B. Why did they ask him to leave?

1. Most commentators agree that the text signifies they wanted him to go because they were afraid of losing more hogs.

2. This shows the extremes to which worldly interests will excite men-- worldly gain is valued above the blessings of Jesus.

3. When they saw the herd of swine, (to us country boys, this means hogs, this reminds me of the country boy dating a city girl. She asked him if he raised any swine on his farm and he said that they had tried to but the chickens kept eating them up) gone--even though they had witnessed the healing of the pitiful demoniac, they cried out in unison: "We want out hogs""


A. Yet it is not uncommon for men today to value the material wealth of this world over the spiritual blessings that are found in Christ Jesus.

B. The cry still goes up in every place: "We want our hogs!"

C. The gospel of Christ is presented to sinners on every hand.

1. The presentation of it to them is always free of charge.

2. The only obligation on their part is to accept it and obey it.

3. But this might cause them to have to give up some of their worldly hogs.

D. These hogs are legion today as they were then.

1. The hog of dishonesty.

2. The hog of popularity.

3. The hog of entertainment, pleasures and worldly lusts.

4. The hog of sensual desires and pride.

5. The hog of big I and little you.

6. The hog of riches and covetousness.

7. The hog of opinions of men.

.E. All these hogs are very prolific and have many pigs.

1. The hog of opinions of men, I believe, have the largest litter.

2. Yes, there are a large litter of little pigs squealing all around.

3. If you city duds have never been in a muddy, boggy, pig pen trying to capture squealing pigs and dodge their mother's under teeth at the same time you don't know what you have been missing! I think I still have a scar on my leg where the old mother sow made an upswing with her lower jaw and popped me with those bottom teeth.

4. Brethren, I am adding a little humor here on this 15th day of Nov. 00 because I thought it might bring a smile to some of you old farm hands that have migrated to the city. And besides, you remember that I have had anesthesia this morning and it still hasn't competely worn off.

5. But, now, let us get back to those squealling pigs of opinions of men:

a. Faith only will save. Jas. 2:24

b. Baptism is not essential to salvation. Mk. 16:16

c. Any mode of baptism will do. Rom. 6:4.

d. It doesn't matter what one believes as long as he is honest and sincere. Jno. 8:24. Would it be alright if I just wanted to ride a horse to heaven?

e. There is nothing in a name. Acts 4:12 (Do you have a son named Sue or maybe Fido?)

f. One church is as good as another. Acts 20:28. (That is true if you are talking about the churches established and maintained by men. None of them are worth a plugged nickel as far as the salvation of one's soul is concerned)

g. You do not have to be a member of any church to be saved. Acts 2:41,47. (That is true if you are talking about churches started and guided by men. Remember that they are not worth a plugged nickel, in fact they are detrimental to the cause of Christ).

h. There is good in all churches. (Jesus says every plant, church, that my heavenly Father hath not planted will be rooted up. Mt. 15:13. Jesus has only one church, Mt. 16:18).

i. Just preach the gospel and leave other people alone. Gal. 4:16. (I can take just Jno. 3:16 and destroy this little pig).

j. Etc. etc. etc. there are too many of these pigs to count.

2. It is time to have an old-fashioned hog killing. Just reach for the Sword of the Spirit and wade in among them.

III. BUT THE WORLD IS NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE HOG BUSINESS, AND THAT PLAN TO KEEP THEIR HOGS AND KEEP THEM WELL SLOPPED AT ALL COST. (for you city slickers, to slop a hog is to feed him the slop from the scrap and dishwater bucket, you need to pour that swill in the trough)

A. Professing Christians also have their hogs, and many times cry out: "Leave us alone, we want our hogs"!!!

1. Hog of making money. Mt. 6:33.

2. Hog of covetousness. Col. 3:5.

3. Hog of pleasures and entertainment. 2 Tim. 3:4.

4, Hog of time..All time belongs to God. Eph. 5:16; Hos. 10:12.

5. Hog of talents. Mt. 25:14-30.

6. Hog of fame and fortune. Lk. 6:26.

7. Hog of popularity. Jno. 12:43.

8. Hog of self first. Mt. 16:24.

9. Hog of ignorance of God's word. Hos. 4:6; 2 Tim. 2:15.

10. Hog of indifference and self-complacency and negligence. Heb. 2: 3.

B. These hogs are as prolific as the hogs of the world and therefore they too have many pigs.


1. Which do you want? Your hogs? or Christ Jesus?

2. How wonderful it would be if we all could have the sentiments that are stated in this old song: "I would rather live in heaven, than to own all earth's silver and gold: I would rather have Jesus my Saviour, than the diamonds of a palace to hold. I'd rather be just a poor beggar: live in a litttle shack by the road. Than here to own all earth's treasures, with no title to a future abode."

3. Still another good song should be our sentiment: "Take the world, but give me Jesus, All its joys are but a name: But His love abideth ever, Through eternal years the same. "Take the world, but give me Jesus, Sweetest comfort of my soul; With my Savior watching o'er me, i can sing though billows roll. "Take the world, but have me Jesus, Let me view His constant smile; Then throughout my pilgrim journey Light will cheer me all the while. "Take the world, but give me Jesus, In His cross my trust shall be, Till, with clearer, brighter vision, Face to face my Lord I see. "O the height and depth of mercy! O the length and breadth of love! O the fulness of redemption, Pledge of endless life above."

Who of you are willing to give up his worldly hogs today and serve the Lord Jesus Christ?

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