Devoted Discipleship
Luke 14:25-35

Intro: Several times in the passage Jesus says that unless a certain directive is followed, one “cannot be My disciple.”

A. The admonitions are universal - notice He speaks to “large crowds” (vs 25), “anyone” (vs 26)

B. The emphasis He places on each requirement punctuates the enormity of each one’s importance.

1. He spoke on these principles before to various others in different settings and must be vitally important since He returns to them again.

C. In doing so, Jesus establishes firm, lasting requirements that are indispensable to us.

1. Each one must make the decision for himself

a. Popularity means nothing

b. Wishful thinking means nothing.

(1) Claiming to be disciple doesn’t make it so

D. The requirements supercede everything

1. Family, personal agendas, possessions

E. Let’s examine them.

I. Devoted disciples have a priority to place - Vs 26

A. Some have approached these words with an unintended application.

1. Men have left their families in order to “serve God” in a monastery.

2. Such is contradictory to Bible’s instructions to love family (Eph 5-6)

3. The “hate” He mentions is in comparison to our love for Him. He uses hyperbole to show the contrast.

B. The point is that we must love Him more than ANY other relationship. Place your priority!

1. Matt 6:33; John 6:27

2. In order to be a true and devoted disciple of Christ, you must love Him first, last, & always.

C. Everyone who comes to Him must understand it.

1. Married couples / Children / Bros & sis all must recognize that their relationship to one another will ALWAYS be 2nd to Jesus.

D. It is not forced, it must be chosen - “even his own life”

1. Col 3:1-3

2. Devoted discipleship is to resolve to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, & strength

3. It is to have a “martyr’s spirit” - A willingness to lay our very selves down for Him, if need be

a. Rev 2:10

II. Devoted disciples have a cross to carry- Vs 27

A. Misguided thinkers imagine any inconvenience to be “my cross to bear.”

1. Some think they’re bearing a cross when they carry no real devotion to true discipleship.

B. It is a cross because of discipleship and is related exactly to being a real follower of Jesus.

1. The cross was not only a symbol of brute torture, it was also a powerful symbol of self-denial, humility, and shame.

2. Hence, our “cross” is the same as one another’s, and the same as Jesus’

a. Heb 12:2-3; Phil 2:8; 2 Tim 3:12

C. In assuming this cross, Jesus warns that there is a price to pay, a cost to consider - vv 28-32

1. The scenario about the unfinished building is a sober reminder of the commitment it takes to become - and remain - Jesus’ disciple. (also Luke 14:34-35)

a. It is bad enough to never start, it is worse to start and never finish.

b. Matt 13:20-21; 2 Pet 2:20-22

2. The 2nd illustration may be looked at from 2 perspectives.

a. 1st, consider when one becomes a disciple, Satan declares war on him (1 Pet 5:8). Our own strength is inadequate to fend off his attacks so we must have superior help (Eph 6:10-ff).

b. 2nd, we could look at God as the superior King with the greater resources. In our realization that we cannot win against such a formidable One, it is to our benefit to seek peace on His terms.

(1) Peace is preferable to war and fellowship with God is certainly preferable to enmity with Him!

3. Either way, discipleship brings difficulty and requires resolve and endurance.

III. Devoted disciples have a decision to make- Vs 33

A. Too often we look at life as a smorgasbord in which we can fill up on – We think we can have it all!

1. The danger is that filling up on the wrong things can choke out the good. Choose the good!

a. Matt 13:22; Luke 8:14

B. Jesus’ admonition to “give up all your possessions” is a call to reevaluate your value system. What do you really want to keep?

1. Luke 9:24-25; Heb 10:34-35

a. Truly all that glitters is not gold!

2. Devotion must surpass everything!

Conc: A converted native was to be baptized in a river. The missionary took a long spear with him into the swift current to steady himself. Inadvertently he stabbed the foot of the convert beneath the water. The man neither spoke nor moved. After the ceremony when the accident was discovered, the convert was asked why he had kept silent. "I thought it was part of the ceremony," he replied. In a way he was right. Baptism should be an external expression of willingness to suffer for the Lord Jesus Christ in whose Name the believer is baptized.

A. Devoted Discipleship not only considers what is to be forsaken but most importantly, what is to be gained.

1. Sin may be pleasurable for a little while but it fails to fully satisfy.

a. What does satisfy are the resources God provides through life in His Son.

B. Devoted disciples have placed their priority, picked up their cross, and made their decision!


By Zeke Flores

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