The Old Padded Cross
Ever notice how most people want comfort and convenience over the command to take up our cross daily?

Jesus told us that if we wanted to be His disciple, that we needed to deny ourselves and follow Him.
Luke 9:23 “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me”.
We will examine what Jesus means by taking up our cross daily in a few minutes.
Years ago, I came across something written by Mr. Anonymous.
It goes like a one way conversation between a new disciple and the LORD.

Well, Here I am Lord.
You said, 'Take up your cross,'
and I'm here to do just that.
It's not easy, you know, this self-denial thing.
I mean to go through with it though.
Yes Sir, I bet you wish that more people were willing to be disciples like me.
I've counted the cost and surrendered my life and... well,
I'm really proud because it's not an easy thing to do.
It really is a rough road, being a disciple and all of that.
"You mind if I look over these crosses?
I'd kind of like a new one.
I'm not fussy, you understand,
but a disciple has to be relevant these days.
I was wondering - are there any that are vinyl padded?
I'm thinking of trying to influence others you see,
and well, if I could show them something that was comfortable and not too ...oh, you know... then it would be easier to get them to accept it.
We've got to keep up with the times and all.
Oh yes, it should something durable so that I can treasure it always.
One more thing,
it should be sort of small so that it will fit under my coat.
I mean, we don't want to be obvious about it, after all.
People can get turned off by someone who is too obvious about being a disciple.
"Funny. There doesn't seem to be much choice here.
Just that model made of coarse rough wood.
I mean, that could hurt!
Splinters you know.
Isn't there something a little more distinctive, Lord?
Boy, I can tell you right now,
none of my friends are going to be impressed by this shoddy workmanship.
They'll think I'm some kind of nut or something.
And my family-well,
Lord, they would be just mortified if I took one of these home.
What's that, Lord?
It's either one of these or forget the whole thing?
But Lord,
I want to be your disciple.
I mean, just the thought of being with YOU!
That's what really counts.
And Lord, we can't forget that,
today, life must have its balance.
You can't go over board on something like this.
..but Lord, you don't understand
-nobody lives that way today!
Who's going to be attracted by this extreme self-denial bit?
I mean, I want to,
but let's not overdo it!
If I start getting radical about something like this,
they'll have me down on the funny farm in a jiffy.
You know what I mean?
Lord, being a disciple is challenging and exciting,
and I want to do it;
but now, I do have some rights, you know!
Now, let me explain what I had in mind-
First, no blood, I just can't stand the thought of that.
Also, I don't think that you should expect me to be at every...

Where do you suppose he went?"

Now, some of us might find that conversation humorous.
The sad reality is that more members of the Lord’s church fall into this type of thinking.
If they were truly seeking to follow Jesus, they would not make stipulations of the Lord.
God, speaking through Jesus via the Holy Spirit has given us everything we need concerning salvation and eternal life (2 Peter 1:3).
They have laid out the rules for us becoming disciples of Christ.
We must be willing to give it all up for Him and live a life that glorifies God and encourages others to do the same (Matthew 5:16).
We are told to count the cost of discipleship in Luke 14, and decide if we are willing to live that way so that we can be saved.
Everything we do in life is a choice we make.
We must be willing to accept the consequences of our actions.
We can choose to live right in the sight of God and go to heaven when we die.
Or we can ignore His word and not do what He says, and reap the punishment in eternal torment.
Where you go will be your choice.

God has already told you what the right choice is.
You just have to decide if you are going to do what is necessary to obtain it.
Please consider this carefully and be ready to take up your cross daily for Him.
Your soul depends upon your decision.

By Carey Scott

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