Gen 5:22 with Heb 11:5

Enoch was a man about whom we know so little. The little we do know whets our appetites for more information. But Biblically speaking, that “more information” is just not there. The writer of Genesis simply tells us that “Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him (5:22). And in scripture there were others who walked with God ... or before God. But there still seems to be so much mystery about this man Enoch.


A. “Walk with” certainly suggests companionship
1. companionship is such a pleasant thing
2. do we think, though, about our being in companionship with God?
3. do we reflect on the ramifications of such companionship?
4. Gen 3:8-10 companionship ... broken by sin

B. “Walk with” suggests agreement
1. so, Amos 3:3
2. we don’t usually establish a “walk with” companionship without some agreement
3. disagreement makes this walk one of conflict ... and it cannot last long
4. Mic 6:8 “walk humbly” - basis for agreement

C. “Walk with” suggests progress, destination
1. note that Enoch walked with ... and was taken
2. walking with God must be constant, consistent
3. walking with God must have “destination” in mind
4. note Heb 11:13-16 ... Enoch and Noah walked with God ... all had an ultimate destination in view

D. This “walk with” is a faith walk!
1. so, Heb 11:6
2. coming immediately after v.5 and Enoch, v.6 tells me that Enoch’s was a “faith walk”, too
3. 1 Tim 1:17 and Heb 11:27 “invisible”
4. so, yes, we walk by faith ... trusting His word for His presence ... see Ps 39:12 “with Thee”!

A. This is the living legacy of Enoch
1. yes, he walked with God ... but in agreement with God
2. day by day he pleased God by the manner of His life

B. Col 1:9,10 “ ... walk worthy ... unto all pleasing ... “
1. note the “filled with the knowledge of His will ...”
2. we must have this knowledge, or we cannot please Him
3. it needs to be said plainly that we cannot please Him, walk with Him ... if we are not walking in His will! (1 Jno 3:22)

C. 1 Thes 4:1,2 What a wonderfully simple charge
1. walk in a way that pleases God
2. what were apostles teaching, writing? v.2 the commandments given them by the Lord
3. were folks to listen, read in a “disconnected” way? what were they to do with great lessons? ... they had everything to do with pleasing God!

CLOSE: Question. What will be the testimony of your life? Will it be “what might have been”? Will it be “he pleased God”? Enoch had to decide that. And so must you.

By Cecil A. Hutson

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