Parable of the Master and the Servant

Scripture Reading - Luke 17:7-10 (or Eph 2:1-10)


1. Parable teaches a great lesson on the Grace of God & that we should humble self before Him

2. Consider the teachings of (Rom 5:6-8; Eph 2:1-10; Titus 2:11-14; etc.)

Subject Sentence:

"Aim to show our position before God and the Grace we can find by humbly submitting"

I. Quick look at the Parable

A. Servant -

1. Works in the field

2. Told to work when he comes in

B. Master -

1. Expects the servant to serve

2. Doesn't offer thanks to the servant

C. Principle applied to Children of God

1. We are unprofitable servants.....

2. We have done our duty

II. What lessons are we to learn?

A. Primary lesson - Humbleness

1. We cannot expect to work so as to merit our Lord's favor w/service

B. We are the Lord's servants

1. Servants are to fill their time w/serving

2. Humbleness applied - we should leave it to our master to decide when we should rest

a. Heb 4:9 (-11) rest is coming

C. It is fit that the Master (Christ) be served first!

1. Thus, gird self - Girding up the loins of you mind.... (I Pet 1:13)

D. Recognition of relationship - The Master does not owe us thanks!

1. Lord is not pictured as an "ogre" - it simply demonstrates the RELATIONSHIP

a. We are servants, He is the Master, each has a place and responsibility to fill

b. Thus, it is not the character of Jesus being emphasized here

2. The service rendered does not cause the master to be indebted to the servant

a. Having done all we have been told to do - we still have done nothing but what is our duty to do!

E. After we have done all - we are still Unprofitable Servants

1. This probably gives us troubles....

III. Note some principles

A. What can we do that God will be profited by it?

1. Offer sacrifices? (The cattle on a thousand hills....Ps 50:10-14)

2. We came into this world w/nothing and have what we do only by God's grace!

a. We are only stewards... (Honor God w/they substance - Prov 3:9)

3. Therefore, we are unable to offer more than what God Himself has given to us

a. Consider: Ps 16:2; Job 22:2a; 35:7 (6 & 7)

b. God cannot be a "gainer" by anything we do, therefore, He cannot be made a debtor to us by anything we do

B. God is Creator / Man is the created

1. Man is duty bound to God! (Matt 7:21-27; Jam 1:22)

2. In the end, if we were able to keep all the commandments of God perfectly, we would still be unprofitable servants be cause we have only done what is our duty!

a. Consider: Eph 2:8-10

3. Yet, God will still say to the faithful - "Well done..." (Matt 25:21, 23)

C. Called - "unprofitable"

1. Lord is not being negative (calling names or looking down upon)

a. He is developing in us the right attitude about our position (duties)

b. We should be "heady" when we serve and make sacrifices - this is our duty

c. Consider Eccl 12:13 "Whole duty of man!"

2. Term literally means - "being unmeritorious" then "useless"

a. Because of our "position" we cannot merit His favor; favor is His to give as He pleases (not ours to take)

b. In order to be exalted by own merits - we would have to go "above and beyond" the call of duty

(1) This is impossible! What could we do more than what He has authorized?

(2) To go beyond His word is sin (I Jn 3:4)

(3) We cannot rise above perfection - which comes from what He has said (II Tim 3:16-17)

(4) Therefore, the servant cannot exalt himself before the Master!

(a) Remember Joseph w/Potiphar and the jailor

IV. Conclude:

A. If we are to be exalted, it will be by the hand of God! (Humble yourself and He will exalt you)

1. The Master will tell the servant to take his rest and food

B. We must do as the Lord tells us

1. To be saved we are not left in charge nor can we merit the Master favor

2. He has decreed the plan

a. H.B.R.C.B.

b. For the erring child of God - R.C.P.

3. Whatever exalting comes from His hands when we meet His conditions....

By Johnny Hooks

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