2 TIMOTHY 1:1-5

Objective: To show characteristics of well qualified mothers from the Scriptural view.


1. It is Mothers Day. A time when we celebrate, thank and appreciate the women who have made a difference in our lives.

2. Although Mother’s Day is never mentioned in the Bible, it does offer us a chance to show what the Bible says about Mothers.

3. The Mother’s I shall mention this morning were not perfect. But they do exemplify the Godly life and offer us reminders of our own Mothers.


I. The Mother of Protection: Jochebed

A. The safety and security of a child is the number one concern of a Godly mother.

B. Many Bible mother’s were protectors of their children, but none like an obscure Levite woman named Jochebed.

1. Recorded in Exodus 1:22: “…every son that is born ye shall cast into the river..”

2. Exodus 2: 1- 10

a. “…she hid him three months…” (vs. 2)

i. how hard that must have been.

ii. did he cry at night?

iii. did neighbors know?

iv. how her love grew

b. “…by the river’s bank…” (vs. 3)

i. great sailing vessels were never made with more care than the little boat that bore baby Moses downstream.

ii. “sometimes, the greatest love is to release…”

iii. could see have imagined that she would see him again?

iv. Did she ever picture him as the leader of the entire Hebrew nation?

c. “…took the child and nursed it.” (vs. 9)

i. can you imagine the excitement in Miriam’s heart when she ran to bring Jochebed to care for the infant?

ii. I wonder if Pharaoh’s daughter noticed the trembling hands and the tear-stained cheek of Jochebed?

3. Only a mother’s love could devise such a plan to protect her son Moses.

II. The Dedicated Mother: Hannah.

A. Children often learn from their mothers, in fact probably more than they do from the fathers.

B. In this story of Hannah, mother of Samuel, we will see a level of dedication that is both refreshing and heart-breaking.

C. 1 Samuel 1.

1. The grief and heartache produces greater faith.

a. rejected by some because she could bear no children.

b. the other wife; an adversary (vs. 6 &7)

c. even the tender love of her husband was not sufficient to overcome her grief.

i. “double portion” at the offering (vs. 5)

ii. husband’s respect and treatment (vs. 8)

d. there was only one relief: The Lord.

2. The Vow

a. “…if thou wilt give unto thy handmaid a man child…” (vs. 11).

b. “…I will give him unto the Lord…” (vs. 11).

c. “there shall no razor come upon his head” (vs. 12)

3. The Fulfillment (1:24)

4. Great man, imperfect father (1 Samuel 8:3)

III. The Guiding Mother: Jedidha

A. Mother of one of the greatest Kings of Judah: Josiah (2 Kings 22)

B. Little is know about Jedidah except that she was the mother of Josiah.

1. King Amon, Josiah’s father was so evil that he was killed by his own servants. (2 Kings 21:22,23).

2. The kings wife and mother of Josiah protected the young child from the insurrection and from the apostasy of his father,

3. Josiah became King at age 8 and was no doubt guided by this Godly woman. (22:1)

C. At age 18, still influenced no doubt by his mother and her training, Josiah brought about the greatest spiritual reforms in all of history

(2 Kings 23:21-23).

D. We can conclude that no child, at this age, can come from a corrupt home and gain such purity before God unless he be trained.

IV. The Mother of Promise: Mary

A. Like many in of the mothers, we know fairly little about this young woman who would care for baby Jesus.

B. Great traditions have grown up about Mary and some even worship her today.

C. What we do know:

1. She found favor with God (Luke 1:30: “Fear not, Mary…”)

2. Was oft confused about Jesus.

a. Luke 2:33 when presented at the Temple; Anna and


b. Luke 2:51 “kept all these sayings in her heart”

c. John 2; Marriage at Cana

d. John 19: At the foot of the Cross

3. Acts 1:14: With the Apostles at Pentecost.

IV. The Faithful Duo: Eunice and Lois

A. Timothy was perhaps Paul’s finest prodigy.

B. We know that Timothy was of Jewish and Greek descent (Acts 16:1 ff).

C. Nevertheless, his faith was pure because of what learned at his mother’s knee, which she learned, no doubt from her mother Lois. (2 Timothy 1:5).

1. Did Lois ever think that her grandson would become one of the most noted evangelists in Scripture?

2. Timothy learned both by teaching and example.

3. “unfeigned” in vs. 5 means “unhypocritical.”


By Unknown Author

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