• Most of the world rejects Christ.
• Even some in the church reject Christ or something He teaches us.

• Introduction
• To reject something is to declare it unfit for our wants, desires, or uses.
• Most industries have standards whereby rejects are kept to a minimum. Otherwise they don’t get the product sold.
• Sometimes people are rejected because of various reasons which ought not be. Skin, clothing, origins, religion, etc.
• There are some things that need to be rejected.
• Sin
• Worldliness
• Selfishness
• Error
• False teaching.
• Let us notice some things of what it means to reject Christ.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject God.
• God sent Him.
• God gave Him the authority.
• God made Him head over all things to the church.
• We can't have the one without the other.
Luke 10:16: 1 John 2:23.
• We must abide in the doctrine of Christ in order to have God the Father. 2 John 9.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject the atonement for sins.
• 1 Peter 2:24.
• But Jesus did the will of His Father by offering His own body upon the cross for our justification. Romans 5:8-11.
• Men cannot create their own atonement for sins.
• They may beat themselves, torture themselves, offer crude sacrifices, etc. to no avail. Colossians 2:20-23.
• But Christ changed all of that, the day He died for our sins.
• His sacrifice plus my obedience equals atonement.
1 John 2:1-6.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject the redeeming gospel.
• To redeem is to, rescue, to ransom, to buy back.
• We have "pawned" our souls to Satan by sinning -- Christ has "bought us back" with His blood. 1 Peter 1:18-25.
• Yet, in spite of this, some are ashamed of the gospel; therefore they turn to something more popular.
• Paul warned that there would be perverters of the gospel that would draw away disciples after themselves. Galatians 1:6-9.
• Rejection of the gospel means destruction of the soul. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject all hope.
• Hope is only attainable through Christ. 1 Peter 1:3-5.
• When we take our eyes off of Christ, we begin to doubt. We begin to sink. Matt. 14:28-31.
• The captive hopes for freedom; the sick man hopes for health; the warrior hopes for victory; the beggar hopes for wealth; the sinner hopes for salvation.
• In order for mankind to be happy, they must have something to hope for.
• Just think of what it means for the doctor to say "no hope" at the bedside of the sick; or for searchers to say "it is hopeless" to the waiting, anxious parents of a lost child.
• But the gloomiest picture of all is the death of those outside of Christ -- for them there is no hope, now or forever. Ephesians 2:12.
• Even though some are still alive and outside of Christ, there is no hope for such a one as long as that person remains outside of Christ.
• Hope is the anchor of the soul. Hebrews 6:19.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject the Church.
• Some claim to want Christ, but they don't want His church.
Preach the man and not the plan.
• They claim that there is no need to attend church services, that one can serve the Lord just as well at home.
• There are some Christians that don't want to get involved with the work of the church.
• The church belongs to Christ. Matthew 16:18.
• He purchased it with His own blood. Acts 20:28.
• To reject the church of Christ, is to reject the blood of Christ.
• The saved are in His church. Acts 2:47;
• When He comes again, He will present it to His Father in heaven.
1 Corinthians 15:24.

• To Reject Christ
• Is to reject heaven.
• The eternal home of the soul that He has gone to prepare. John 14:1-3.
• It is evident that our present home will not last forever. 2 Peter 3:10
• Therefore, there is need for an eternal home. 2 Peter 3:13.
• In Job's day, man was asking this question: "If a man dies, will he live again?" Job 14:14.
• When Jesus came, He brought an answer to this question. John 11:25, 26.
• There are three great matters that concern all mankind.
These are: Life; Death; and Eternity.
• Christ alone has the only definite, authoritative and satisfying word concerning all three.
• Eternal life can be ours only through accepting Christ.

• Conclusion
• To reject Christ is to reject your own soul.
• To reject Christ is to reject everything God has done for you.
• To reject Christ is to reject the Bible.
• Have you rejected the Christ?
• Reject Him no more.

By Carey Scott from an outline by Jim Sasser

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