2 Sam. 24:18-25.


1. David had sinned in numbering the people.

2. God offered him three choices of punishment, 2 Sam. 24:12-15.

3. People want a religion that costs them nothing.


A. Afraid of losing your jobs, friends, popularity, etc.

II. ATTENDING SERVICES. Heb. 10:25; Jas. 4:17.

A. Much effort to attend the worship hour on Sunday mornings.

B. Three possibilities:

1. Totally impossible.

2. Very convenient in everyway.

3. Possible but inconvenient.


A. Have you ever helped someone to the extent of it costing you something? Acts 2:44,45; 4:34,35; 2 Cor. 8:1-5.


A. Is there earnest diligence involved? Matt. 23:1-4.

1. Parents burden their children to prepare their lessons, but will not prepare themselves.


A. Joy and Boredom. Acts 2:46; 5:40-42; 16:22-25.

1. A young lady came to a visiting preacher that was holding a gospel meeting in a congregation where she attended. She had been chosen to be in a half-time program at a ball game on Thursday night. She said that she knew she should be at the meeting, but what would he advise her to do. He told her that it would be a decision that she should make on her own but he encouraged her by showing her such scriptures as Matt. 6:33, etc. All the next day, he thought about the young lady and wondered if she would come Thursday night. That night her parents came in but she was not with them. He asked her parents about her. They said that she really wanted to come and had even begged to come but they advised her, since she was young, to go on to the game and enjoy herself, that there would be plenty of time for her to attend meetings after she became older. In doing this, they took away the joy that would have come to her for making the right decision to serve the Lord.

2. A member of the church, who was a camera man for all the regular Alabama football games, and very devout fan, was faced with Alabama playing Notre Dame in a bowl game on Wednesday night. Many churches in the city changed their services to Thursday night. In talking about it this man said that there should not be a change, because that would take away the joy of all the fans making the right decision.

3. A preacher came into a pioneer town many years ago and asked: "Is there anyone in this town who enjoys his religion?" Someone answered: "Yes sir, them that's got it do!"

B. Real love and Pretence. Jno. 3:16.

1. What are we saying in our prayers and then what do we do?

2. Do we truthfully sing: "Jesus is all the world to me"?

C. Acceptance and Rejection. Mal. 1:8-10; Rev. 3;15,16,20.

D. Heaven and Hell. Matt. 13:44-46.


1. Consider: What God has done for you. Jno. 3:16. What Christ has done. Eph. 5:25.

2. Someone said of Christ: He gave His brow for a crown of thornes. He gave His cheeks to be spat upon. He gave His back to be scourged and beaten. He gave His hands and His feet for nails to be driven into them. He gave His side to be pierced. He gave His blood to be poured forth. He gave His life. He gave Himself.

3. What about the apostles? 1 Cor. 4:9-13. "All they of Asia are turned against me." 2 Tim. 1:15.

4. Isaac Watts said: "Must I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease, while others fought to win the prize and sailed on bloody seas?"

5. Am I to think that God had to give His Son. His Son gave His life. The apostles suffered unto death. While I am carried to heaven on flowery beds of ease?

6. No! "Sure, I must fight in Jesus name, increase my courage Lord, I'll bear the cross, endure the same, supported by thy word."

7. I would not want to preach a gospel that would cost no one anything.

8. "Just one glimpse of Him in glory, will the toils of life repay."

By Jim Sasser

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