“We Got This”
How many times do we hear of a sports team that gets a big lead and then start telling each other that "we got this won"; only to see the other team come back and beat them?
Yes it happens quite often.
If you are a fan of the sport, you can usually tell even though a team may be in the lead that they are going to lose the game.
How can you tell?
Because the team just gave up.
By the time they realize that they are in trouble, it is too late.
It is very difficult to regain the momentum they need to win.
They were convinced they would win.
They were so sure of themselves that they just gave up trying.
They forgot that the game is not over until the clock runs out, or the buzzer goes off.
As long as a team is in the game, they will continue to try to overcome their opponent.

But, let us turn this into a spiritual application for us.
The other day, I read an article that asked why many Christians are not actively trying to evangelize or save souls.
That is a valid question.
This is a matter of concern for many who are in the Lord's church and are wondering why so few are really involved in evangelism and the work of the church.
We look at our history, and see that the church of Christ used to be a growing group in our society.
This is because many followed the example of the early Christians in Acts 8:4 where the saints went everywhere preaching the word.
The church grew greatly over many years.

The real reason this changed:
It is a matter of just not caring for other souls?
Perhaps one reason is because of our teaching from the book of Revelation.
You see, the main theme of the book is this: "Jesus Wins".
And if we are on the Lord's side, guess what?
We win also.
If we got this won, is it any wonder that people just give up trying?

So perhaps many who are Christians have this attitude of "we got this won", and thus become lazy or just do not care to try hard to win.
It is as if we do not care what happens to the opposition.
This is where many make a grievous mistake.
We must remember that we are still in a battle all the time.
2 Corinthians 10:3-4 “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

Perhaps another reason is because many who wear the name of Christ were not really converted.
To be converted is to make a transformation in your life.
It is to change your position or attitude on certain matters.
Conversion to Christ is to put off the old self and put on Christ as your Lord and Master.
This change would be evident by the changes that are made in the sight of everyone.
The new convert must change their lifestyle and attitude.
And if necessary, they need to change the relationships that they cherish.
And of course their conduct and behavior need to be changed.

Some have never really been converted, or they have returned back to their former lifestyle.
Some who wear the name of Christ really do not want to get involved in Christianity at all.
This type of person is not involved and is not diligent in serving.
For most of these, they really do nothing more that warm the pews in the church building.
They do not spend time with other Christians.
It seems that they dislike the other Christians because it seems they cannot get out the door fast enough.
They do not want to be around the faithful.
We are commanded to serve one another (Galatians 5:13).
How can you do that if you are never around your fellow Christians?
This is very sad because we read in scripture that only those who diligently serve the master will be saved.
Many of these have a lack of commitment.

Each of us makes a promise to God when we are baptized that we will dedicate our life to Him.
That usually does not last long, unless the person allows others to assist and edify them.
There are many willing to help these weak Christians, but they have to want the help in the first place.
This comes from having a heart focused upon God and seeking to please God.
We are to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" (Matthew 6:33).
Whenever we put something before God, it becomes difficult if not impossible to do.
Whatever it is that is more important than serving God becomes our idol.
And yes, there are many idols out there.

Another problem is because many do not understand their personal responsibility towards God, their fellow Christians, and the lost.
We are to be servants.
If we fail to serve our fellow man as we should, God is not going to welcome us with open arms just because we wear His name.
The Bible teaches us that we are to try to be like Jesus, and Jesus was a servant dedicated to serving God faithfully, and in the process, giving us an example worth following (2 Peter 2:21-25).
Jesus said, "not My will, but Thine be done" (Luke 22:42).
That should be our attitude also.
When someone says “I got this”, it usually means that I will take care of the problem myself.
When a group says “We got this”, it is supposed to mean that everyone in that group is committed to seeing the task at hand handled properly and with zeal and enthusiasm (not leave it up to a select few).

Sadly, many seem to have this idea of “we got this” so they feel that they no longer have to put forth any effort.
This is nothing more than pride keeping one from doing their duty to God.
Will you say “I Got This” ?
Or are you saying that “we got this won and we do not need to put forth any effort to win now”.
Did not Jesus say, you must endure until the end (Matthew 24:13)?

By Carey Scott

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