Horseshoe Religion

Close Is Good Enough For Many Things, But Not Good Enough For God

Horseshoes can be scored differently depending upon who is playing.
Generally, it is scored by how the horseshoe lands around or by the stake.
Ringer = 5 points
Leaner = 3 points
Toucher = 2 points
Closest to = 2 points.

This may work for most people who toss horseshoes.
But it does not always work in religion.
However many feel that if they get close, they are alright.
What if Noah made the ark 299 cubits long; would that comply with the measurement that God gave him? No!

Sure we understand that if we just make the effort that God pays attention to that.
But we must be earnestly trying to do things the way God wants us to do them.
We at least need to be trying to score a ringer in every aspect of our Christian lives.
Let’s notice some areas this is needed.
Our Salvation
 It cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of faith only.
"A toucher" of repentance only.
"A closer to" of baptism only.
But it must be a "ringer" of all of these combined. Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:6; Luke 13: 3; Matthew 10:32,33; Acts 2:38.

Our Worship
 It cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of regular attendance only. Hebrews 10:25; Acts 2:42.
"A toucher" of praying only.
"A closer to" of giving only.
But it must be a ringer of these and the other required things combined.

Our Lives
It cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of good morals only.
"A toucher" of abstinence of certain things only.
"A closer to" of helping others in need only.
But it must be a ringer including all of these and other required things. 2 Peter 1:5- 11.

As Parents
 It cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of whipping our child only.
"A toucher" of sending them to Bible study on Sundays only.
"A closer to" of giving them the physical necessities of life only.
But we must make ringers in these and all other required things in order to fulfill our responsibilities as parents and homemakers. Ephesians 6:4.

As Children
This cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of just wearing our parent's name only.
"A toucher" of calling them mother and father only.
"A closer to" of staying where they stay only.
But our lives as children must be ringers including respect, allegiance, honor and obedience to our parents. Ephesians 6:1-3.

Our Treatment Of Others
This cannot be done by just wishing them well only: or:
"A leaner" of live and let live.
"A toucher" of I've mentioned Christ to him once.
"A closer to" of Oh, what's the use?
But our consideration must be ringers of sincere care and love for their souls that will produce action on our part to convert them to Christ. Galatians 6:1-10.

Our Treatment Of Our Brethren
This cannot be accomplished by:
"A leaner" of Oh, I don't know why he is not here in services today.
"A toucher" of, it might make him mad if I go to see him or call.
"A closer to" of, let him worry about his own soul.
But our treatment of our brethren must be ringers made up of sorrow for sin and a deep desire to save a soul from hell. Fervent and unfeigned love must abound within our hearts for our brethren. James 5:19,20.

Our Effort To Reach Heaven
We can never reach heaven, the eternal home of the soul, by:
"A leaner" of, just thinking about going.
"A toucher" of, just desiring to go.
"A closer to" of, just believing that you're going.
But we must have the ringers of a deep desire to go, faith in God's promise, and strict, faithful obedience to God until the end. Revelation 2:10; Matthew 25:31-46.

Why not liken the religion of Christ to the game of horseshoes, knowing that it takes ringers to score points that matter.
But remember, you must enter the game and make ringers all the way.
You can't score and win unless you first enter the game.
Why not enter into Christ and His religion today?
Then play the game according to the rules and win the victory.

By Carey Scott from an outline by Jim Sasser

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