Why I Want To Go To Heaven

Intro. Visualize what it might be like to the extent of your knowledge of the scriptural descriptions. I wrote this after a moment of imaginative meditation.


What an emotionally charged and thrilling moment! My body was changed and charged with an energy capable of not only seeing God as He is, but being able to live in His presence.

My body was now suited to the spectacular occasion of seeing God face to face and still living. I had experienced some of the thrills of earthly victory, but none of those moments could compare with this one. It was a moment charged with emotions. Emotions so high, there are no human words capable of describing it. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard" kept surfacing as applicable to this experience.

God was a warm glowing, radiant light. The warmth cannot be described in terms of heat, but of warm, accepting love. Jesus was gentle, like a Lamb, and welcomed our arrival. The light was very bright. There was no need of the sun. Yet, my eyes were different. I could look into this brightness. I could see like never before. Can you explain sight to a man born blind? Words are inadequate. Have you ever stood in the presence of the Niagra Falls, and felt breathless at the vast power before you? Have you ever stood breathless, looking over the Grand Canyon, and felt so small before the wonders of mountains, hills, and canyons? Have you ever experienced the emotional charge of a victory game that made you the champion? How did you feel? Yet, you still feel inadequate to describe it.

If you could roll all of your emotional thrills: the thrill of victory, the excitement and thrill of marriage, the thrill of a newborn baby, the thrill of salvation,- roll them all into one huge, overpowering thrill - you still cannot imagine actually seeing the Creator of the universe, the thrill of being in the presence of the one who spread out the starry host, thundered and quaked upon Mt. Sinai, and brought Isaiah breathlessly upon His face saying "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts".

Oh, heaven is beautiful. Beautiful beyond comparison! Far more than I was capable of imagining, to say nothing of describing. The main attraction was God Himself. Seeing Him in all His glory, knowing that He is love, loved me, gave Himself for me, knowing this wonderful place is HOME, and will be forever! Oh, what a spectacular moment! ______________________________________________________________ The thought of heaven has inspired the writing of many songs:
"There’s a land that is fairer than day, and by faith we can see it afar...."
"How beautiful Heaven must be"...
"There’s a wonderful place called heaven..."
Songs that have embraced the hearts of millions.

A very real place. I Want To Go:

I. Because The Godhead Will Be There.

A. The Father will be there.

1. The quaking thrill of Sinai, the awesome vision of Isaiah; the awesome voice of angelic beings saying "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty" - will overpower all emotions we have ever felt or experienced.

2. We will finally see the most awesome being that could ever exist.

1 Jno.3:1-3 3. Love , our most attractive experience in this life will be the essence of God. 1 Jno.4:7-11

B. The SON will be there.

1. He who loved me and gave Himself for me. Gal.2:20

2. Heaven will shine with His glory. Rev.21:23

C. The Holy Spirit will be there.

1. The Spirit of truth, the great revealer and confirmer of truth.

2. He who refreshes our soul with His revelation will be there.

3. All confusing thoughts and imaginations about God will be solved or erased.

I want to go:


A. Will never fade. How special!

B. No more suffering. Rev.21:1-7 I’ve seen suffering. I want to go to heaven.

C. Its beauty defies imagination and human description. Songs cannot capture. See for example - "On Zion’s Glorious Summit"
Of stepping on shore and finding it Heaven;
Of taking hold of a hand and finding it God’s hand;
Of breathing a new air and finding it celestial air;
Of feeling invigorated and finding it immortality;
Of passing from storm and tempest to an unbroken calm;
Of waking up, and finding it "Home"!

See Rev.21:9-19,21-27

III. BECAUSE MY TREASURE IS THERE. Matt.6:19-21 Safe in the vaulted sky, protected by a most trustworthy friend.

1. He is there interceding for us.

2. 28 years of my life storing up for that wonderful day. The crown is not far away. No "despising my birthright" now. "No turning back, no turning back".


A. The faithful of all ages. Moses, David, Paul.

B. Gathered out of all nations. Rev.14:9-11,12-13

C. I hope to see Brother Hickman, Lois Ingle, Brady, Jim, David, Deuel, Fred, Ruby, Taft, Homer, Clurcy, and many others I have known and shared such hope with.

1. The best people will be there.

2. Think of some you know were faithful Christians.

3. All the names of Heb.11-12 are cheering for us. I can hear them saying "Be faithful, It is more than worth it."


Study the evidence for Jesus.
Jesus made His most significant mark on earth. He forever settles the question: "Is heaven real?" Would you study the evidence with me? If you already believe, have you repented, confessed, and been baptized?
You can start over today with a wonderful hope in your heart. It will surely be worth it all. However, if you neglect so great salvation, your life here will not have been worth the living, except to serve as an example to others of how NOT to waste your life opportunities. Don’t waste your opportunity!

By Terry W. Benton

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