Matt. 5:13-16; 6:19-24; Mk. 9: 50; Lk. 14:33-35; Prov. 13:9; Isa. 8:20; Rom. 13:11-14; Phil. 2:12-16.


1. Faithful Christians are to the human race what salt is to food.

A. First, it is a preservative agent.

B. Second, it gives savor and relish to the taste.

2. The subject of SALT is used many times in the Bible. It too is applied in both physical and spiritual ways.

A. Physically, I suppose salt is one commodity that all nations use, desire and need.

1) Salt has been used for barter in many places throughout time.

2) Wars have been fought in order to obtain and control salt supplies.

B. Of course, this should be even more so if used in a spiritual sense.

3. The subject of LIGHT is used more than 300 times in the Bible.

A. It is applied in many different ways both physical and spiritual.

1) So, light, whether it be physical or spiritual, plays a very important part in our lives.

2) Please take time just now to read the passages that are indicated at the beginning of this study.


A. They are present as proof of the success of truth.

B. And are monuments of what the principles of the kingdom of God will make of one.

C. They preserve the life of Christ in the earth.

D. They are the means of spreading the truths of the gospel.

E. And thereby propagating the salvation of Jesus, by which the world is preserved.

F. They keep back the world from that complete moral corruption which would require its destruction.


A. One that is characterized by the things mentioned in the beatitudes, and here in these verses from Psalms, is in some respects as a tree.

1. Its root is in the soil of meekness and humility.

2. It is watered by godly sorrow.

3. Its strong stem is the desire of righteousness.

4. Its fruits are mercifulness, purity of heart, and the love of peace.

B. But to own such characteristics will not fain favor from the world.

1. On the contrary, it would provoke persecution and reproach.

2. But such as have this salt in themselves, can never be without beneficial influence on the society around them.


A. If Christians become untrue to their high calling and degenerate spiritually, they cannot have a good influence on the world.

B. When this happens, such is only good for putting on roadways to be trodden under by the feet of men.


A. Seed corn is of no value until it is planted.

B. Fertilizer is of not use until it is scattered over the soil.

C. A barrel of salt set in the corner of a butcher's stall is of no more use than a barrel of sawdust.

1. It must first be brought into contact with the meat, in order to keep the meat from ruining.

D. Spiritual salt is of little value to the community as long as it is barrelled up in a church building.

1. This is true regardless of how good the salt might be while in the building. E. The salt must be scattered so as to touch and to season those who are tending to moral corruption.

Part TWO

I. YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Jno. 8:12. (This little light of mine).

A. As light dispels darkness from the world, and enables men to see how to journey and labor, so the disciples, by their good works, their teaching, and their example, dispel ignorance adn prejudice, and enable men to see the way of eternal life.

1. We, as Christians, are reflectors of the light of Christ.

a. One of the main works of a lighthouse attendant, he who is responsible for the safety of men's lives who sail upon the sea, is to keep the reflector of that great clean and polished.

2. In this way they are the light of the world.

B. There is no greater light for God than the church that is filling its mission in a community.

C. A Christian life, like the light, is active.

1. Light, like heat and sound, is not a substance, but a mere motion.

2. The waves of light are very small, but their motion is inconceivably rapid.

a. Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

b. This distance is the same as going around the world more than seven times.

3. The vitality of pure religion is maintained by effort. Jas. 1:27.

D. A Christian's life is like the light, it is pure.

1. Water and fire are often used as representations of things pure and holy.

a. Water cleanses and fire purifies.

2. But water becomes less pure itself by washing, and fire, while it purifies one metal, contaminates other objects.

3. But look at light, it comes and goes in a pure wave.

a. It cannot be contaminated.

b. Its beams can be obstructed, but it is still the pure light when it does get through.


A. Cannot be hidden.

1. Not only can it not be hidden, but it occupies a prominent place.

a. Jerusalem was set upon a hill.

b. A Christian's life must be noticed.

c. A true Christian's life will be noticed.

B. As the city set on a hill cannot be hidden, the lamp is not to be hidden under the bushel. Mk. 4:21; Lk. 8:16; 11:33-36.

C. The city is in a prominent place, so must the lamp be put and kept upon a stand.

D. The city could be seen and known by all, so must a lamp be placed to become a blessing to all that are in the house.

E. Christians shine through their honest lives and upright deportment among men.


A. Or, so let your light shine; as a city, as a lamp on a stand.

B. Not by an ostentatious display of piety or self-righteousness.

1. But by the natural and unadvoidable force of a good example.

C. Not for the purpose of self glorification, but to glorify God. 1 Cor. 6:19,20.

D. A good work is that which is done:

1. By a child of God.

2. In obedience to God his Father's command.

3. For the good of men.

4. For the glory of God.

E. So, the life of a Christian, must be a life of service to all whose life may be touched by his life.


1. What about your life?

2. Are you salt of the earth, or light of the world?

3. Or have you lost your savor, or put your lamp under a bushel?

4. You can regain your savor and light today, by obeying the Lord.

5. Sinner friend, are you still in the throes of spiritual darkness?

6. Won't you come to the light today?

7. Come in humble submission to His will and be saved.

By Jim Sasser

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