All Spiritual Blessings Are In Christ


Safety from the flood was IN the ark. Safety from sin and a ruined life is IN Christ. Safety from the wrath to come is in Christ. Safety from a hopeless and useless life is IN Christ. The Bible shows that all spiritual blessings are in Christ. Therefore, we need to know how to get into Christ. We also need to know how to "abide in Christ" in order to stay within the spiritual blessings.

Key Verse: Eph.1:3,7 This verse affirms very clearly that all spiritual blessings are IN Christ. In this lesson we will demonstrate HOW to get into Christ, WHY we should desire to be in Christ, and WHAT will be found there to keep our interest.


Moving from a life of sin and condemnation involves a conversion process.

1. This process involves the heart and conscience.

2. It starts by the conviction of the truth. Hearing the word of God preached or taught will produce conviction in the honest heart. Rom.10:17

3. Hearing produces faith (conviction of God) which in turn produces conviction of sin. Acts 2:37

4. Conviction of sin produces godly sorrow, and godly sorrow produces repentance. Acts 2:38,41; 2 Cor.7:7ff

5. Repentance brings confession from the heart to the lips. Rom.10:9,10

6. This person appeals to God for a good conscience, and accepts God’s moment of operation (as He cuts away sin) in the faith-act of baptism. Col.2:11-12; Acts 2:38.

7. This person has come into Christ by faith when joined to Christ in baptism. Rom.6:3-5; Gal.3:26,27

8. In Christ, he enters a new world of spiritual values, blessings, and opportunities. All things have become new. 2 Cor.5:17f


A. First, consider the condition of those who are NOT in Christ.

1. Sin, the state of existence that misses the mark God created us to strive for. This keeps us spiritually blind, and aimless in our living. We stay satisfied to ignore God’s call to us in the gospel.

2. In sin, we can expect God’s wrath for our choices. Thus, God will punish us, and He will bring upon us the full force of His righteous indignation. It is only a matter of time.

3. The choice to remain in sin means that we have no hope beyond what we can get from this world.

4. Aimless living means living with no particular aim or goal.

5. To remain outside of Christ means that we get no forgiveness even if we asked for it.

6. To remain outside of Christ means that you can expect "everlasting punishment". Matt.25:44

B. On the other hand, consider the advantages of being IN Christ.

1. Redemption. Bought from the slave market of sin and purchased to serve the merciful Master who will compassionately help bear the toils of daily life. Rom.3:24; Eph.1:7 This means that the Master laid down His life, spilling His blood to get you off of the slave-market of the burdensome and hopeless life of sin.

2. Adoption. Not only did He pay dearly for you, but He also paid the price to adopt you, the poor orphan of life, and says, "I want you to be My child". "You can call Me ‘Father’". Rom.8:15; Eph.1:5

3. Heirs, Inheritance. Adoption has the added consolation of knowing that the Father will provide for your future. In this case, the future means that you are "heir" of the greatest riches, because your Father owns the world and far more than the world. Rom.8:17; Gal.3:29

4. Forgiveness. To be forgiven means that the issue will not be held over my head and brought up in the judgment. It means that my record is clear. Consider sitting in a cold, prison cell for a life sentence. Nothing to enjoy, and nothing ahead of you but the same old misery. But, finally after a few years, the warden opens the door and says that you have been pardoned. You will not have to serve the rest of your life for that violation. You have been forgiven. Now walk away. Leave the matter for good. Acts 10:43; Col.1:14


We must see the two paths before us in life. Both have a trail and both have an eternal destiny. The one path has a few temporal pleasures of sin, a lot of aimless living, and a terrible destiny. The other path has pleasures, tests, challenges, a wonderful goal, and a wonderful destiny. The choices are to remain in sin and ruin your life and destiny, or come into Christ for these and many other wonderful spiritual blessings. The choice is yours. Be wise with it.

By Terry W. Benton

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