Learning Lessons From A Piece Of Furniture
Jesus spoke in parables, and we could learn spiritual lessons from Assembled Furniture.

Jesus taught people by parables.
The reason was because they were not spiritually prepared to handle the truth of spiritual matters.
Once the church came into being, the people would realize the spiritual application that Jesus was using.
We also can teach lessons of a spiritual nature by examining things that we can relate to.

There are many people who cannot afford to go into a furniture store and purchase a piece of furniture.
Many like me have learned to appreciate the prefabricated items that are sold in different stores.
Yes, these are the kind you buy, take home, and assemble.
There is much saving involved by doing it yourself.

I have bought and built desks, TV stands, bookcases, armoires, and storage cabinets.
I have also learned through experience to follow the instructions very precisely.
Otherwise the item does not last or perform as it is supposed to do.
Here is where the spiritual application comes in.

Here are some simple lessons we can learn from building our assembled furniture.
And we can make a spiritual application as well.
Many of you will be able to relate to this as you have probably put such furniture together yourself.
Let us examine how this is done.

The particular piece of furniture we want was planned before we got it.
Most of the time, we find that the manufacturer has already cut the furniture into the right size; inserted the holes where the connectors and screws are going to go; has printed out the instructions we need to assemble it properly; and has informed us through the instructions how to maintain the product.

Our Salvation was planned and our Creator has prepared everything we need (2 Peter 1:3).
If we follow the instructions precisely and carefully, we will have something that will last forever.
In this case, our instructions are in the Bible.
We learn through experience that if we follow the instructions that we will get our desired product.

This statement tells you that a few times, I did not follow the instructions and it was costly.
The Bible is the instruction book from God, and we should learn that if we follow the instructions in the Bible that a desired result of salvation and eternal life will be the result.
God already had the product planned and prepared long before the creation took place.
He knew what we would need and knew where every piece fit in to give us what we desire.

Usually as I get the product home and prepare to assemble it, I take all the pieces out and lay them on the floor.
I check the instruction sheet and verify that I have all the tools and pieces needed for the assembly.
What I have before me is everything I need to assemble and then use as it is intended to be used.
This reminds me of 2 Peter 1:3 where the Bible proclaims that we have EVERYTHING pertaining to life and godliness.
In other words, there are no add-ons or changes that need to be made.

We also learn that if we leave things out according to the instructions that our project very well would be a failure.
We are taught that adding things might make it prettier, but it is not necessary.
The Bible warns us to not add or take away from what God has given us.
The Bible is very specific that we are to be careful to do exactly as it instructs us if we want salvation.
The instructions include the steps that need to be taken to assemble this item properly.
As usual, we learn that we must do the steps in the proper order as given (written); otherwise we have to go back and undo what we may have attempted to do earlier.
Some people want to jump around the instructions and assemble things in a different order.
That usually does not work well.

This should remind us that there are also steps to achieve in God’s plan of salvation.
As the manufacturer has everything ready to go, so God also has put in place everything we need for salvation.
Some of the steps we need to follow are just natural, as we must hear the gospel first before we can believe it.
Next realizing that we have sinned against God, we seek the steps to make things right with Him.
We repent of our sins, and turn away from the sinful things we have done.
Next we confess our faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.
Then we are baptized for the remission of sins.
From this point, we live a faithful life.
This is like the construction of our furniture.
Once we have assembled it, we need to use it properly as it was designed to be used.
This is like living a faithful life in keeping our word to God that we have dedicated ourselves to Him for life.

Once we have taken the steps to receive salvation, we continue by following the instructions to learn how to get the most out of our life.
The manufacturer also gives a list of things we can do to enhance the life of the product and how to get the most use out of it. (as long as we use it properly).
This comes from following the pattern or instructions precisely.
Every part doing what it is designed to do as we read in Ephesians 4:16; Ephesians 2:19-22.
Just as God designed it.

By Carey Scott

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