TEXT: Jn. 8:31-32

INTRO.: If you like to read mysteries, you know that the detective,
or whoever, usually solves the case because he or she is searching for
the truth in the matter. The dictionary defines “truth” as “1. The state
or character of being true in relation to being, knowledge, or speech.
2. Conformity to fact or reality.”
Recognize that truth exists in several areas—
Mathematical truth—2+2=4.
Chemical truth—HCl (hydrochloric acid) + NaOH (sodium hydroxide or lye) –
NaCl + H20.
Historical truth—George Washington was 1st President of US under the
Bible affirms that there’s such a thing as truth in the spiritual
realm too—
read TEXT.

In our day, truth has been watered down by the
efforts of many and redefined to cater to people’s whimsical notions and
convenience. We’re told that there are no absolute truths in religion or
morals. Yet, Jesus says that there’s such a thing as truth and that we
must know it to be free.
So, according to the scriptures, what is the truth about TITLE?

I. To know the truth, we must 1st understand the source of truth. Man’s
spiritual misdirection can be traced to the fact that folks look for
truth in all the wrong places—human traditions, doctrines of men,
personal feelings, family beliefs, popular opinion, worldly wisdom, and
so forth. If truth can’t be found in any of these, where can we find it?
A. Jesus Himself is the truth: Jn. 14:6
B. He sent the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles into all truth: Jn.
C. The apostles gave us the written word, which is God’s truth for us:
Jn. 17:17. In fact, in text, Jesus identified source of truth as His
word--reread. The truth of God in Jesus Christ is accessible to man
through the revelation that He’s give to us, the Bible

II. To know the truth, we must 2nd understand the nature of truth
A. Truth is a light: Ps. 119:106—just as when driving at night we need
lights on our cars to show us the way, so in this dark world of sin we
need a light to show us the proper path (Matt. 7:13-14)
B. Also, truth is a sword: Eph. 6:17—in ancient times, a good soldier,
when he was armored up and prepared to do battle, needed a sword to fight
with; as soldiers of Christ, we don’t fight with carnal weapons (2 Cor.
10:3-5), but with the truth of God’s word
C. And truth is a mirror: Jas. 1:22-25 (standard by which to examine
selves & correct: 2 Cor. 13:5)

III. To know the truth, we must 3rd understand the love of truth. Notice
what Paul said in 2 Thess. 2:9-12. Truth is available to everyone, but
not everyone will profit by it. Why? The unfortunate fact is that some
people just don’t love the truth enough to want it. If one really loves
the truth, then he’ll do certain things.
A. #1, he’ll look where truth may be found. We’ve already studied the
source of truth. If you want a diamond ring, you don’t go to a garden
store, and if you want a garden hose you don’t go to a jewelry store. In
the Old Testament, God had a source of truth for Israel—His law; but:
Hos. 4:6—instead of holding faithfully to God’s law, they chose to look
elsewhere, to the pagan gods of the foreign nations round about them, and
there’s an important lesson in their example for us; we also have an
example of where to find it: Acts 17:11
B. #2, if one really loves the truth, he’ll look for it when it may be
found: Isa. 55:6. Truth is always here—but we won’t always be here; we
have to learn the truth while we have the time and opportunity in this
life, before we pass through death into the realm where we won’t have the
chance; that’s why: 2 Cor. 6:2
C. #3, if one really loves the truth, he’ll look for truth in the way
and manner that leads one to the truth—Jn. 7:17; we really won’t
understand the truth unless we want to obey it: Rom. 6:17-18. The Bible
places a great premium on the character of the one who seeks God’s truth.
Open mindedness and honesty in dealing with God’s word are essential to
knowing the truth

CONCL.: Are you willing to obey Jesus? If you are, then the truth
will give you freedom from the bondage of sin. Your eternity depends on
your choice—Jn. 12:48.

By Wayne S. Walker

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