Powerpoint Series

What Is The Church Of Christ

A series of Bible Sermons presented in the summer of 2012. This series was brought about by a comment that someone did not see a difference between the church of Christ and a denomination. There is also a word document that you can download. It is 56 pages long and can be printed in Microsoft Word or Open Office documents.This contained the outlines of the sermons as well as a few articles in my files. It would be a good study tool for anyone on this subject.

Lesson One -- Determining The Standard Of Authority
Lesson Two-- Viewing The Church In The Universal Sense
Lesson Three-- Viewing The Church In The Local Sense
Lesson Four-- Why Is Denominationalism Wrong?
Lesson Five-- Denominationalism and (Part One) True Worship
Lesson Six-- (Part Two) True Worship
Lesson Seven-- (Part Three) True Worship

Lesson Eight-- Arguments For Denominationalism and Bible Answers
Lesson Nine-- God's System Of The New Testament Pattern Of Worship
Lesson Ten-- Concluding Thoughts On This Series

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