- 2 Timothy 2:15

1. The Antediluvian Period --- This covers from Creation to Noah's Flood. Ante means before (i.e., the great flood).

2. The Postdiluvian Period --- This covers from Noah's Flood to the call of Abraham (Genesis 12). Post means after or subsequent.

3. The Patriarchal Period --- This period covers from the call of Abraham to the descent into Egypt of Jacob's family. Earlier patriarchs had lived but we know so much more about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob these adorn the Bible from Genesis 12 to Genesis 50.

4. The Egyptian Period --- This covers the era from the descent into Egypt to the Exodus, approximately 200 - 215 years.

5. The Period of Wandering --- This period covers 40+ years. Two miraculous water crossings adorn this period; crossing the Read Sea at the beginning of this period and crossing the flood swollen waters of the Jordan River at the end under Joshua's leadership.

6. The Period of Conquest --- This is the period from their crossing into Canaan until the appointment of the first Judge, Othniel. Canaan is conquered and parceled out among nine and one-half of the tribes at this time. Two and one-half tribes had already received their inheritance under Moses in Eastern Palestine.

7. The Period of the Judges --- This is a lengthy period and covers from Othniel's appointment as first judge to the establishment of the kingdom under Saul. There were at least 15 judges - fourteen men and one woman judge, this era constitutes the dark ages in Israel's history.

8. The Period of the United Kingdom --- This is the era that covers the three reigns of Saul, David, and Solomon. Each ruled for forty years, this period begins with Saul's inauguration and ends with the division initiated by Solomon's apostate and sad ruin.

9. The Period of the Divided Kingdom --- Covered here are the years of Judah (Southern Kingdom) and Israel (Northern Kingdom). This period lasted from 975 B.C. - 722 B.C. Each of the kingdoms had 19 kings. David's line kept the Southern Kingdom except for Athaliah's short reign. The Northern Kingdom had several dynasties, which ruled briefly then faded away.

10. The Period of Judah Alone --- This covers about 136 years from the fall of Samaria to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Assyrians in 586 B.C.

11. The Period of the Captivity --- This covers those years Judah spent in captivity in Babylon. This cured their idolatrous inclinations.

12. The Period of the Restoration --- This period covers from Cyrus' decree that they could return to Canaan to Nehemiah's rebuilding Jerusalem and the city walls and Malachi's penning the final book of the Old Testament.

13. Between the Testaments Period --- This covers the 400 years from Nehemiah and Malachi to the announced births of John and Jesus. Many otherwise knowledgeable students of the Bible know very little of this period and yet knowledge of this era enhances a greater acquaintance with many New Testaments institutions and events. The editor has published a study guide to this era titled "THE FOUR HUNDRED SILENT YEARS -

14. The Period of Jesus Incarnation --- This period covers from His birth to His ascension. Approximately 33 years are involved. The Son of God and Son of Man met and merged in Him who is our Glorious Savior and Majestic and all-powerful King.

15. The Period of the Lord's Church --- This covers from Pentecost until the end. The earth's final age. There will not be another opportunity for mankind; this is the last dispensation of time.

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