By What Is A Person Saved?
by Carey Scott

In the world that we live in, a fast paced society is ruling our lives.

We have our convenience stores, self-serve gas stations, and of course our fast food restaurants. Even at places that are not considered fast food, they had better get the food to the customer fast or they lose customers. Instead of mailing a letter, we send it overnight, or Fax it or send across the computer via phone linesor satellite.. Our cars are faster. Our computers need to be replaced every so often because the new models are faster. For most people and businesses, when you want something, you want it now.

As a result of this fast paced philosophy that we have developed, we are constantly trying to be more efficient, effective, and productive. All of this is for the purpose of getting the job done right the first time without having to do it over. Thus leaving us time to do those things which we would enjoy doing. We are always looking for short-cuts, better, faster ways to do things. If we want to go on a leisurely vacation, we rush to the airport to get to our destination real fast so that we can have time to do more things.

Because of the mentality of our society, religions are trying to accommodate man in the "faith" field also. Man tries to find a quick easy simple way to accomplish something without followers having to do the hard work or use some elbow-grease. Rather than mow your lawn, you pay someone to do it for you. This mentality has been putting pressure on the religions of today, and many religions are trying to help these people find quick, easy, safe ways to provide salvation. However, as we study, there are no quick fixes in this business of saving souls.

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