Question: Is it true that God only hears the prayers of the righteous? If so, are all believers equally righteous?

Answer: God is no respector of persons. You are either righteous or unrighteous. All the righteous will receive the same reward, whether they have worked all their lives or just started in the twilight of their lives. Read the parable of the vineyard workers in Matt 20. The parable of the talents teaches that many christians have different abilities. How they use their particular abilities are what is important to determine righteousness. Matt 25.

Each person will be judged upon his/her own merits and the deeds done in the body. 2 Cor 5:10. No matter the level of faith or demonstration of righteousness in people, God will reward all the righteous the same.

Keep studying His word. (Carey Scott 6-21-2000

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