Question: I am interested in a BIBLICAL parallel of the controversial topic of 'once saved always saved.'I would like people to go over scripture, both seemingly for and against and explain their take on it. Don't just talk about the scriptures that seem to prove your stance, tackle the ones that you try to shy away from. And please tell me why, through scripture.

Answer: Perserverance of the saints is a manmade doctrine. Many denominations have taught that it is a most wholesome and comforting doctrine. The Bible does not teach it, and anyone who studies the Bible for themselves can understand it. People need to stop listening to their preachers and study God's word for themself and verify what they are taught.

I would guess the doctrine came into existence to fight off some of the teachings and practices of the catholic church. The doctrine is usually attributed to John Calvin and a few others around the late 1500's to early 1600's. It has adapted and changed over the course of the years, but still remains a doctrine that millions accept. Poor souls!

The only way that a false doctrine can enter in and take hold is by ignorance of the people (Hosea 4:6). Many denominations have been successful at keeping their people ignorant. Also deception is a way that false doctrines come into being. By taking scriptures and interpreting them to ones own likes or doctrines is improper. Any doctrine or teaching must be supported by ALL the word of God. (2 Tim 3:16-17, 2 Tim 2:15).

They abuse a passage dealing with the strength of God as how nobody can snatch you out of the Fathers care and protection. This is true, but they fail to see that an individual can turn their back on God. Open up your Bible. Virtually every opening that you come to will have some sort of warning or command that will determine your eternal destiny.

I have an extensive list of things necessary for salvation and I believe one of the most extensive list on the internet. Go check out my salvation special studies on my website.

The bible does not support once saved, always saved, or perservence of the saints, or even the continuous (automatic) cleaning, or the supposed umbrella of grace.

Study God's word. (Carey Scott 6-21-2000

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