Question: Do you think a person that is morally good will go to heaven?

Answer: Only if they are a Christian.

Being morally good is commendable, but it does not satisfy the requirements established by God.

Read Matt 7:21-23 No question that these were good people, but the Christ rejected them
. Read John 14:15 How can someone claim to be good if they do not obey the commandments of Jesus?
Read Heb 5:8-9 Jesus is only a source of salvation to those who OBEY Him.

Morally good by itself is commendable, but it does not save.
Obedience is good by itself, but it does not save.
Faith is good by itself, but it does not save.
God is good and perfect, but alone, He does not save.

Putting ALL of these together in our lives will bring about our salvation.

Keep studying God's word. By Carey Scott ( on 7/22/2000)

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