Questions: (1) The Bible tells us,that if we attempt to live by the Law,we need to keep all the Law.And if we failed in one,we are guilty of violating all the Law. (2) Do we fall from Grace if we attempt to keep the Law? (3) Why do some Christians attempt to live by parts of the Law,and ignore the rest?

Answer: (1) As James 2 records this thought, we are reminded that ALL of God's commands are to be taught to His people. In Deuteronomy we read many times that the law was given for the purpose of being followed and kept. If God did not mean for people to abide and live by His laws, then He just gave a bunch of worthless words.

Those Christians who were formerly Jews to which James is writing would understand this concept. They had been taught that All the law of God was sacred, and rightfully so.

What it means for us, is that we had better learn what God desires of us, and I mean EVERYTHING that God desires of us, and try to live to please God in all things. 1 John 2:1 tells us to "sin not", but if we do, we have an Advocate, Jesus Christ. Sin is transgression of the law, and God cannot abide sin.

We have the responsibility to live right. If sin is attributed towards us or our account, it needs to be remitted. Jesus Christ by the Grace of God provides that remittance.

The part of your question about sinning if we try to keep the whole law is now under consideration.

1. We are commanded to keep God's law. Not part of it. Not some of it. Not most of it. But ALL of it. Do we do it? Honestly we must all answer no.

2. This was also mentioned by Paul to the Galatians who were guilty of trying to implement the Mosaic law into Christian life. In that case, the Mosaic law could not save, and attempting to do so would be sin for the Christian. The Jew under the law of Moses would be bound to that law if he practiced any part of it.

(3) Many who profess to be Christians are very selective on the parts of the Bible that they want to follow, and reject the rest.

This is not dealing with God's word honestly. All of scripture is given by inspiration (2 Tim 3:16). And all of scripture is God's message to us. We had better study (2 Tim 2:15) and be able to answer any man (1 Peter 3:15) and be able to answer God (2 Cor 5:10).

There will be many who cry out on the day of judgement how they wore the name and proclaimed Jesus, but Jesus will turn them away (Matt 7:21-23). How sad that people cannot humble themselves before God and submit to His will in all things.

Read Phil 3:10-16. Notice that although we have not attained perfection, we are supposed to strive for it. This is the will of God.

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott, 7-17-2000,

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