Question: It is my understanding that most Christian religions believe and teach that Jesus is God and part of a Triune system. As I read the words of Jesus, I can not find any reference to him calling himself God, but only the son of God. Is there a scriptural reference that I am missing? Also, I find many references to him stating that God the Father is the one to be worshiped and is greater than him. Where might I be going wrong?

Answer: You are not really wrong in a technical sense.
John 1 teaches that the Word was in the beginning and was with God, and that the Word was God. The Word became flesh. The Word described by John was Jesus.

Jesus mentioned to His disciples that He and the Father are one on numerous occasions. Statements like you see me, you see the Father and such like.

Jesus recognized the respective roles of GOD and the SON. Jesus also sent the HOLY SPIRIT to declare the will of God to mankind (through the Bible).

Jesus never refused worship and Jesus did teach that only GOD was allowed to be worshipped. Jesus equated Himself with God several times even though He technically did not say "I AM GOD". Although He had no problem declaring His status as the Messiah.

His adversaries had a field day with that one.

Keep studying God's word. By Carey Scott (July 2000-

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