Question: Most electionists and all Arminians believe that the gospel must be preached in order for (1) the elect to be regenerated, or saved, or in the case of Arminians, in order for (2) man to be saved. I am an electionist, or I hold to the TULIP of Calvinism, but I do not think the all the elect needs to hear the gospel because it just does not make sense for God to choose individuals from the fallen posterity of Adam unto salvation before even the foundation of the world and then make hearing the gospel a prerequisite for their salvation. My position is that God has his elect in all nations and in all ages and all will come under the Lordship of Christ and all are saved regardless of their hearing or not hearing the gospel. What is your position ?

Answer: Greetings, You are probably not going to like this response, but I believe you to be mistaken. I hope that I can present enough Bible reasoning to change your mind and open you up to God's truth as revealed in the scriptures, and not some creed book.

The whole concept of TULIP and calvinism is anti-biblical. God sent His Son to the world that whoever......would be saved. Then you parrot the calvinism that those saved have already been chosen. That does not make sense. Jesus gave the great commission to go preach the gospel to all nations.... Why do this when God has already elected the saved? Would that not be unfair for those who want to be saved by obedience to the gospel, but God won't let them?

From the Bible:

Rom 16:16 The Gospel is the POWER of God unto salvation.

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 tells us the Gospel is that which saves (when believed and obeyed).

Rom 10:12 teaches that God is Lord of all who call upon Him.

Heb 5:9 teaches us that Christ is the author of salvation to all those who obey Him.

Jonah prayed from the belly of the whale that Salvation is from the Lord.

TULIP makes God a respector of persons. Either the Holy Spirit lied or TULIP is wrong. You care to make that charge against God? I hope not.

Please read your Bible and learn that obedience to God's commands accompanied by your faith will bring about salvation. You cannot find TULIP in the Bible. The Bible provides everything necessary for our salvation 2 Pet 1:3. Now read Rom 10:13-15 to answer your question specifically.

Study God's word. by Carey Scott ( on 4/11/2001)

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