Question: It has been brought to my attention that within the Bible are errors and contradictions. Can someone point one out to me, so I'll know what contradictions exist?

Answer: If there are contradictions and errors, that would make God the author of confusion. But 1 Cor 14:33 teaches that God is NOT the author of confusion.

Supposed errors and contradictions take place when various writers view something from different perspectives, dates, or cultures.

The Four gospels were written to different groups, and many of the same events that are catalogued are viewed at differently. Each writer selected (with help of Holy Spirit) what he would write. Some verses leave out details and the parallel verses do not. Therefore it would appear that a contradiction takes place.

Some genealogies seem to miss some people, yet sometimes the ancestry is only limited to the prominent ones, and not the true chain of generations.

Sometimes one is representative of the whole. As Jeremiah is given the credit of a prophecy that Zechariah stated. In the Old Law, the prophets writings were found in the book of Jeremiah (they were all compiled into one).

Times and numbers were important to some people but not others.

Parents and children were important to some people, but not others.

There are many sources that examine these so-called contradictions. It would be a worthwhile investment for you to get a copy of one of them. That should be enough to convince you that there are no errors in the Bible.

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott 6-21-2000

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