God said I will submerge this sod,
To build a float – Noah got the nod.

Can I have help – he pled.
This is a big job – he said,

From your family - you can pick,
But not of the world - for it is sick.

They begin to build – day after day,
And not one complaint – did they say.

Now his neighbors thought it silly,
And laughed and laughed – really.

The days came and the days went,
Many long hours Noah’s bunch spent.

Noah told the world – his plan for a boat,
To fill it with animals – a pig and a goat.

Their queries were -Why be so dauntless,
Your boat won’t float in this wilderness.

Year after year the world –dis jointed,
They just lifted their hands and pointed.

Years passed – the boat began to take shape.
For in it Noah’s bunch would escape.

The time came for them to embark,
The world – it would not heed nor hark.

Drops of rain began to stir the dust,
The weatherman’s records did bust.

Standing at the dock – hands in their coat,
It has sailed away – they have missed the boat.

By Eldon Scott
June 8,2004

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