About the Church of Christ

According to the Holy Bible, each congregation of God's people are to be autonomous or self-sufficient and self-governing. We do not take directions from other congregations or area-wide councils. We do not believe in written creeds other than the most important writing human history has ever known. We only recognize the Holy Bible as our source of authority and giving us the pattern of sound words and faithful living.

I do not want these brief statements to sound like a creed or articles of faith. But they are intended to advise interested people a few of the things that we believe, practice, and teach. We recognize only Jesus Christ as our Head and our Authority. We hold that the Holy Scriptures are the word of God, and keep everything we do in line with scripture. The Bible is God's revealed will to mankind. If we are to be faithful to God, we must abide by that will. We do not add or subtract or even try to change or bend any of God's laws. The only safe and secure way is by humble obedience to all of the law of God. That is why we appear to be peculiar to most of the religious world.
We do not believe in changing things to make it more convient for people. Most churches try to find ways to bring God closer to the people. What they should be doing, is bringing the people closer to God. We will only present God's Truth from His word. Because Jesus said that God's word is (results in) eternal life (Jn 12:50).

If you are serious about your souls condition, then we stand ready to assist you in learning about the knowledge of the Son of God. If you are looking for something else, then you have many options to choose from, but we will warn you, that what you find could cause you to lose your soul eternally.

We just want to be right with God. So we will present the pure sound doctrine that is printed in the pages of the New Testament. Because of our insistence upon biblical or scriptural authority, we have been branded and labeled as narrow-minded along with other names. Although we live under the New Testament Covenant, we do not ignore the Old Testament, because we learn from it.


A word of warning:

Unfortunately, not everyone respects God's word as they should. It is a shame to admit that some of those who call themselves a church of Christ are not. There are other places that wear the name "Church of Christ". There are some that want to be like the other churchs and they try for acceptance from religions all around, they will compromise the truth. Please watch and study carefully in making your decisions.


Some Congregations have the same goal as we have. These we consider brethren in faithful standing with the Lord. If you do not live in our area, we can make some suggestions of congregations in your area where you will be in good company.
We stand ready to assist you in your spiritual needs.

by Carey Scott

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