Although I covered this in the section of Matt. 19:9, it is necessary to study this phrase in this section.

A third grade english student understands that certain words have different parts. There are suffixes which are placed at the end of words. There are the base words, and there are the prefixes. We learn that different prefixes have different meanings.
prefix---------as used in -------------------------means
sub ---------- substandard ------------- below standards established
sub ---------- substitute --------------------------- to take the place of
un ------------ unscriptural -------------------- not according to scripture
un ------------ unsound ------------------------------- not sound in doctrine
re ------------ retry -------------------------------- to try again
re ------------ rebuild------------------------ to build again (had been once)
re ------------ remarry ----------------------------- to marry again
re ------------ remarriage ------------------------ to be in a marriage again

How hard is this to understand. If Jesus talked about divorcing your first wife and entering a marriage with someone else, then that person who does this is in a condition where he or she married again. Thus they are in a condition of remarriage. The idea is that you have married another person.

The greek word is:
2087. heteros, het'-er-os; of uncert. affin.; (an-, the) other or different:--altered, else, next (day), one, (an-) other, some, strange.

Words that could be translated from this word:
another, the other, different person, someone else, some other, strange(different)person, next person, next one, one another,

Another greek word is:
243. allos, al'-los; a prim. word; "else," i.e. different (in many applications):--more, one (another), (an-, some an-) other (-s, -wise).

Words that could be translated from this word:
someone else, other person, otherwise, something or someone different, more (as in addition to), one(as in another one).

When we marry some person other than our true spouse, then we have been remarried, or we are in a remarriage. To ignore the words of God totally because one of our descriptions is not technically inserted in the text under consideration, is a violation of proper understanding. There is the problem. We have said that the remarriage without the exception is wrong. Because the word "remarriage" is not in the Bible, they argue that it is alright. By this, they totally ignore the words of Jesus, and apply their own human reasonings.

To the reverse of this argument, they claim that the word is not in scripture so we cannot use it. If that is the case, then why do they allow remarriage?

Jesus said the one that marries another commits adultery (period). To allow a second marriage is to allow and advocate and approve adultery (which is listed as a sin). Just by reasoning that it is alright, does not make it right. The persons involved in this relationship are guilty of adultery.

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