And Marries Another

2. Just what is remarriage. This is a big complaint of our opponents, because this is one of those words which is not found in scripture. Because it is not found in scripture, they say that it is unscriptural. Well it is time for a second grade english lesson. When we breakdown a word we sometimes see different components. This word just happens to have a prefix. That means there is a very important part of the word to show some sort of relationship to the rest of the word. It is also in some cases a necessary description of the word for understanding.
There are many prefixes.
unfaithful, unrighteous, unscriptural, undo
all of these mean to reverse what has happened or to make something not what it was before. You are either faithful or you are un(not)faithful. You are either righteous or un(not)righteous.
You are either abiding by scriptures or you are un(not)scriptural. You can do something, but then you can undo (change back from what was done) that thing.
What about other prefixes.
Sub----as in under or below Substandard Substance
Anti----as in against Antichrist Antibiotic Anti-war
Re-----as in repeating or doing again. Reassemble means that you must have taken it apart and you assemble it again. To restore something means that you bring it back to a previous condition. We restore cars, furniture, bank accounts, and lives. We can also restore souls, (The Bible really works on this one).
What about the peope who say we must rethink our teachings. This means that we must think again on our beliefs and re-examine what we believe. Most who enter this line of thought are trying to change the way we have thought in the past. Like the person who says that they once believed this, but now believe that. Now here is a word which is very hard to comprehend----remarriage. To marry again. This is sad when these people base their arguments on things that even second and third grade students can explain easily.
Maybe you cannot enter the phrase "remarriage" into a search request and get a hit. That does not mean that it does not exist or that it is unscriptural. Anytime that someone marries again, then they are in a condition called remarriage.
You see, this is how the false teachers operate. By making statements like this. They are trying to shift the focus of the truth because we explain the scriptures in our everyday language.
It is the purpose of preachers and teachers to present the word of God in its boldness, simplicity, and purity. Another job of the teacher is to make it understandable (Neh 8:8), and show where we should be making application to our lives. When we talk about divorce and remarriage, we are talking about divorce and those who have married again. This is silly to continue this argument.

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